Hong Kong

In this time of strife, we, the Lasallian East Asia District, remain faithful in our resolve by inviting everyone to spend a few moments of silence in joining us in prayer for Hong Kong. We believe in a God who makes all things possible by making us instruments of His peace and ministers of His justice.


Loving God, Father of All
bless the people of Hong Kong
today and in the days to come.

Look with kindness
on the aspirations of your people
especially the youth in the city.
Bless them, enlighten them, and protect each one of them.
Be present with them so they may truly feel
your love especially during these troubled times.

You are the God who makes all things possible;
Come to the aid of your people who call upon you,
Bring peace to your beloved city--
a just peace that fulfills the dreams and hopes
of all the people of Hong Kong
whom you hold dearly in the palm of your hand.

May we become instruments of your peace
and ministers of your justice. Amen.



Organised by the Hong Kong Lasallian Family, the Tercentenary Thanksgiving Mass for the completion of the earthly journey of our Holy Founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle was held on 21st September 2019 at La Salle Primary School. Five Old Boy Priests, eleven Brothers, and stakeholders from all our eight Lasallian schools in Hong Kong attended the mass and thanked God for his continued blessings throughout the years.

All of our schools offered help in one way or another in the organisation and operation of the mass. There were eight readers, one from each of our schools, offering the readings. Apart from the usual offerings of bread and wine at the altar, the offerings included the student handbooks and the school ties from our students. These gifts represented our desire to continue being faithful to our rich heritage, together with our Catholic and Lasallian ethos.

Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College (CSK) opened its doors to the general public for its 50th Anniversary Open Days on 7-8 December 2019 with the theme: Roots to secure our past, Wings to fly high in future. The De La Salle Brothers in Hong Kong attended the kick-off ceremony, followed by a campus tour. 

Various school clubs put up booths and exhibitions at the quadrangle that showcased their respective club activities. Some have interactive games with tons of freebies and prizes. Others offer arts and crafts located inside classrooms. The PTA handled food stalls. There were also variety shows like musical and drama performances. 
Introduction sessions for potential S1 students and their parents were also held to give them more information about CSK. Old Boys came back with their friends and family to reminisce and have mini-reunions with their batchmates and former teachers. 

All efforts paid off for definitely it was a weekend full of fun!













Br. Armin, Visitor of East Asia, took the opportunity of his visit to Hong Kong to call on Br. Lawrence Blake FSC in St. Theresa’s Hospital Kowloon where he is recovering from an accident in his motorised wheelchair. He was accompanied by Br. Tom and Br. Mikey. Br. Larry, who is now 89, is a member of La Salle College Community Kowloon and served on the staff of the school for a number of years. In his earlier years he taught at La Salle Secondary School Kota Kinabalu Sabah, and served as teacher and Principal in Chan Sui Ki College and Chong Gene Hang College Hong Kong. We look forward to Br. Lawrence being discharged in the near future and will keep him in our prayers. (Text: Br. Tom Lavin FSC)

Let us welcome Br. Lourdhu Jude FSC from the Delegation of India. He is assigned in La Salle College, Kowloon, Hong Kong, where he will be teaching English and Math subjects. He is an athletic Brother, playing and coaching basketball, volleyball, football, and other sports.

Welcome, Br. Jude!