Prayer for Hong Kong

In this time of strife, we, the Lasallian East Asia District, remain faithful in our resolve by inviting everyone to spend a few moments of silence in joining us in prayer for Hong Kong. We believe in a God who makes all things possible by making us instruments of His peace and ministers of His justice.


Loving God, Father of All
bless the people of Hong Kong
today and in the days to come.

Look with kindness
on the aspirations of your people
especially the youth in the city.
Bless them, enlighten them, and protect each one of them.
Be present with them so they may truly feel
your love especially during these troubled times.

You are the God who makes all things possible;
Come to the aid of your people who call upon you,
Bring peace to your beloved city--
a just peace that fulfills the dreams and hopes
of all the people of Hong Kong
whom you hold dearly in the palm of your hand.

May we become instruments of your peace
and ministers of your justice. Amen.