2020 March 19
Solemn Feast of St. Joseph, Husband of Mary

Dear Lasallians in the Frontlines,

Greetings of peace and well-being! We salute and support your gallant efforts to quell COVID-19 as you perform your responsibilities beyond the call of duty while putting yourselves at great risk. We stand in solidarity with you as part of the health and medical team directly assisting the sick and infected, or as researchers and scientists pressed to review test results or find effective antidotes to the virus, or as round-the-clock logistics and security forces, public servants and volunteers doing your share to reassure the public, restore and maintain order and provide much needed services to everyone.

We are one with you during this very challenging time and assure you of our fervent prayers as your fellow Lasallians in East Asia. We will especially remember you as we pause for a few minutes of quiet prayer daily to remember all Lasallians in the frontlines and to intercede for all those who are working earnestly in many different ways to provide solutions and address the challenges we face.

For you, all Lasallians in East Asia will gather together and by association in their respective homes and communities at around 5:00 p.m. beginning today March 19, feast of St. Joseph, Protector of our Lasallian Institute, and ending on May 15, feast of our Founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle. May the good Lord ever keep you in the palm of His hand. Live Jesus in our hearts, forever!

Fraternally yours,

Br. Armin A. Luistro FSC


Loving Father, our Lasallian Family draws near to you in fervent prayer for all those affected by COVID-19. 

In FAITH, we lift up to you our fears and anxieties and the sufferings of those who have been infected always remembering that even in our darkest hours we are in your most holy presence. 

In SERVICE, we beg you for strength and wisdom to do all that needs to be done knowing that we can be channels of your healing grace when we do all our actions for the love of you. 

In COMMUNION, we stand in solidarity with all the frontliners who risk their lives for others and pray for all medical teams and support personnel who earnestly seek its cure and provide remedy and comfort to those who are sick and most vulnerable. Most Loving Father we entrust our lives and the health and well-being of our families and communities to your care and protection for with you we will be safe and secure.







On 25-26 September 2019, Br. Felipe, Auxiliary Visitor of LEAD, visited the Maymyo community in Myanmar. This is his first pastoral visit to Myanmar since he became Auxiliary Visitor. He met all the community members individually as well as together as a community. Knowing all the concerns that were brought up by the Brothers, he encouraged and shared what needs to be done in the future. (Text & Photo: Br. Lucas Ah Do FSC)

In the border between Thailand and Myanmar, is the Bamboo School. It has been nearly twelve years since the mission of the Brothers in the Bamboo School began. The school is opened to educate the stateless and marginalised children.

The story of the Bamboo school would not be complete if we do not talk about our Lasallian volunteers from the many countries around the world. They have shared a lot of their effort and hard work to support the Bamboo School projects. One volunteer group that comes every year is from St. Bede’s College in Melbourne, Australia.

St. Bede’s has been sending volunteers to the Bamboo School for years. Two groups are sent each year. The first group comes at the end of June and another visits at the end of September. They mainly help out in construction work done at the La Salle Sangklaburi School, specifically in the Blue Sky Home. This year, their project is to do work on the school parking lots and build the school workshop, where a Life Skills program for the students will be implemented. (Text & Photos: Br. Matthew Thawatchai FSC)

MYANMAR - Following the plan of LEAD, the Brothers in Myanmar made their retreat during the Holy Week, Holy Thursday-Holy Saturday, 2022 April 14 to 16. The locations were in Yangon and Pyin Oo Lwin. Br Justine Nge Bo FSC renewed his annual vows in Yangon soon after the retreat but in Pyin Oo Lwin (May Myo), the renewal of vows of consecration was held only on the Octave Saturday of Easter, April 23 in the La Salle Juniorate Chapel. The parish priest of the Sacred Heart, Fr. Yan Naung, and two other priests, Frs. Anthony and Peter, led the liturgy. The invited guests were Franciscan and St. Joseph’s Sisters, their Novices and Aspirants in the parish, and also the youth of Sacred Heart Parish. The Aspirants of the Brothers led the choir.

At the renewal of the consecration of vows, Br. John Win Kyaw FSC made his Perpetual Vows and Br. Lucas Ah Do FSC made his annual renewal with Br. Hilary as their witness. Br. Noel accepted their vows in the name of the LEAD leaders and Br. Superior General of the Institute. Lunch was served to all visitors.

To boost up the morale and cooperation work of the youth in the parish, the Priests and Brothers organised a soccer competition in the afternoon of the profession day at the playground of the Brothers, where three teams took part. Actually, it was quite a gathering. A trophy was given to the winning team and also special awards for the outstanding players. Thanks to the LEAD coordinators for the three days of retreat. Thanks also to the facilitators/resource speakers: Br. Bernard FSC, Br. Ernest FSC, and Br. Peter FSC. (Text: Br. Hilary Htu Kyi FSC; Photos: Polycarp - Come and See Program)

MYANMAR - Fr. Peter Yan Naung, the newly assigned parish priest of Sacred Heart parish in Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar, held his first Parish Youth gathering on December 19, 2021. The sole aim of this gathering was to reunite the youths scattered due to the COVID-19 pandemic and political turmoil and to give them a sense of belongingness and a purpose in their young lives. The priest, needing the help of the religious, invited the Brothers to be involved in organizing and conducting the event. Br. Lucas Ah Do FSC, being a friend and sports-buddy, was requested to head the Parish Youth. During the gathering, they were able to reorganize the structure and named some E.C. members. They also discussed and identified some future plans for the parish development. The parish priest is very pleased with the participation of Br. Lucas Ah Do and our “Come & See” candidates in his parish. He requested Br. Lucas to work closely with him for the future youth activities in his parish. (Text & Photos: Br. Justine Nge Bo FSC)

Eternal rest grant unto Stephen, O Lord. And let perpetual light shine upon him. And may the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

With faith in the resurrection, the Lasallian Family in the sector of Myanmar and in the Lasallian East Asia District [LEAD] announce the passing of Br. Stephen Mark FSC this morning, 2020 January 30. He was 72 years old, and a De La Salle Brother for 35 years.

A former Xaverian Brother, he is fondly remembered for spending long hours at church and for his deep
devotion to Our Lady. More than 25 years of his life as a Brother was dedicated to the service of the
boarders at Maymyo Boarding House.


Novitiate 1982 December 07, Maymyo
Habit-Taking 1982 December 07
First Vows 1984 July 19
Perpetual Vows 1988 April 23


Date Assignment
Maymyo Boarding House
Maymyo Boarding House
Lashio (Catechist Training Centre)
Maymyo Boarding House
Provincialate, Yangon
St. Paul Community, Yangon


“O God, by whose favor your servant, Brother Stephen, was called to the religious life and who witnessed to the message of salvation by his dedication to Christian education, grant that he may be admitted to your eternal friendship with those who have likewise zealously labored in Your Vineyard. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.”



MYANMAR – On the evening of January 9, Sunday, a prayer service was held in Maymyo chapel to introduce the four candidates to the Lasallian Initial Formation Come and See Program - Polycarp, Paul, Terence, and Francis. The Brothers in the community were present. At the end of the prayer service, Br. Noel gave a talk to welcome the four individuals. The formation staff is composed of Brothers Noel, Lucas Ah Do, Lawrence, and Hilary. The program with a prepared timetable began the following day, January 10, Monday. (Text & Photos: Br. Lucas Ah Do FSC)

MYANMAR - We are so blessed for being able to hold and successfully conclude a 3-day program for some youths who were able to attend in-person. For those who couldn’t be present, they joined the program online. This program was part of a L.I.N.E. (Lasallian InterNational Experience) Project conducted by Lasallian youths who participated in L.I.N.E. Program together with Br. Justine Nge Bo FSC (Vocation Promotor), Ms. Christine Soe Hlaing (LEAD Mission Council member) and Mr. Louis Kyaw Ko Ko (Lasallian Youth Coordinator) as facilitators. The program was held in Lasalle Language Center in Yangon, Myanmar from December 14 to 16, 2021. The theme of the program was “Social Inequality”.

On the first day, 15 participants were warmly welcomed, and the program started the morning session with self-introductions. Then the participants shared their knowledge and their lived experiences about the social inequality they have witnessed or have heard of. In the afternoon session, the participants had group discussions about how they can help lessen the inequality in the society where they live and know so well.

On the second day, Br. Moris Tang FSC, as guest speaker, shared about the life of the Founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle. He also talked about his life as a Lasallian Brother and the work he has been doing in the Institute. At the end of his session, he encouraged all the participants to imitate St. La Salle, his life of holiness, and his dedicated work in education for the poor. The session concluded with Br. Moris providing the participants some reflection questions and urged them to continue reflecting even after this program.

On the third day, we had some social activities to get to know each other better. We also had Christmas carol singing and did some Christmas crafts to have a taste of Christmas as we were moving closer to the celebration of the birth of Our Lord Jesus. The program ended with lunch for those who participated in person and some of the parents also joined the festive meal. (Text & Photos: Br. Justine Nge Bo FSC)

Bishop Justin Saw Min Thide, an alumnus of De La Salle Nget Aw San, led the Tercentenary Mass on March 14 at St. Mary’s Cathedral. Approximately 500 Lasallians, Old Boys from nine former La Salle schools in Myanmar, teachers and students from La Salle English Center, and members of many religious congregations joined the Tercentenary Celebration. Among the La Salle Old Boys there were a good number of active and retired government officials.


Br. Lucas Kyi Thien FSC gave the welcoming remarks before the Mass. Different ethnic groups of students from La Salle English Center wore their traditional clothes to welcome all the guests and presented gifts of offering in the Mass. The Mass concluded with a video message from the Brother Visitor, Br. Armin Luistro FSC. Right after the Tercentenary Mass Celebration, lunch was hosted in the Cardinal Charles Bo’s residence, which is next to St. Mary’s Cathedral. It was a significant celebration; it provided an opportunity for all the La Salle Old Boys (alumni) to reconnect again with the Lasallian tradition and the Brothers in Myanmar. The Tercentenary Mass Celebration was also featured in The Myanmar Times, a local newspaper. (Text & Photos: Br. John Win Kyaw FSC)






Click on this link to view the article in The Myanmar Times:

The De La Salle Brothers of Myanmar had its Annual Country Assembly at De La Salle House, Yangon, Myanmar last 1 November 2019.

This year’s Assembly coincided with the Canonical Visit of the Brother Visitor, Br. Armin Luistro FSC . He was accompanied by the Auxiliary Visitor, Br. Felipe Belleza FSC. All 12 Brothers, except 1 young Brother and a senior Brother, were at the De La Salle House at Yangon by 29th October 2019. The Brother Visitor had personal interviews and community dialogue on the 30th of October with the Yangon Community, followed by the Maymyo Community on the 31st of the same month.


On the 1st of November, the Assembly of the Brothers of Myanmar was held. Br. Felipe acted as chair. The assembly began with a short prayer led by Br. Josaphat. It was then followed by the opening remarks of Br. Noel Lal, and then a message from the Brother Visitor. La Salle Centre Yangon and Maymyo Boarding House ministries were presented. Br. Josaphat updated the Brothers on the status of the Myanmar initial formation personnel.


Br. Felipe presented the New Brothers’ House project in Yangon. The new ministries in Myanmar we r e a l s o p r e s e n t e d , f o l l owe d b y t h e announcement of sector appointments of Br. Joseph Than Htaik Aung as Sector Bursar; Br. Fel ipe as the Myanmar Young Brothers’ Conference Coordinator; and Br. Noel Hrang Lal as the Representative of the Major Religious Superiors of Myanmar. Br. Visitor then announced the 2020 community assignments for Myanmar and mentioned his concluding remarks. The Assembly ended with a Eucharistic Celebration at the Brothers’ Community Chapel. (Text & Photos: Br. Noel Lal FSC) 

MYANMAR - The Myanmar Sector Assembly came about when Br. Felipe Belleza FSC, Auxiliary Visitor, in his letter, expressed his fraternal care and concern as we continue to live out our vowed life and ministry in the midst of many challenges and difficulties. He further encouraged the Myanmar Brothers to start a series of dialogue and conversation with respective communities on matters that are important and relevant to the Myanmar Sector in relation to the LEAD District. Specifically, we were asked to reflect on the current situations and how the Myanmar Brothers intend to move forward in our collective mission despite the uncertainties in line with the LEAD District Assembly in December 2022 and LEAD 4th District Chapter in April-May 2023.

And thus, the Myanmar Sector Assembly was held on the 5th of November 2022 with the graceful attendance of Br. Patrick Tierney, Visitor and Br. Felipe Belleza, Auxiliary Visitor. Br. Lucas Thein, CDA Chair, facilitated the Assembly attended by all the Myanmar Brothers in the country and abroad.

The main aim of the assembly is for the Myanmar Brothers to meet, discuss concerns of the Sector and set directions for the life and mission in Myanmar in relation to the District Assembly and 4th District Chapter 2023. Br. Visitor, in his opening remarks, encouraged the Brothers to continue to hope for the wonders of God amidst the current challenges in the country. Br. Auxiliary Visitor also told the Assembly to draw encouragement and inspirations from the current situation and serve in the possible ministries despite the many limitations with a deep sense of faith.

After fraternal dialogues and discussions, two obvious pressing concerns emerged, Vocation Promotion/ Initial Formation programs and financial transparency in the Sector and in the respective communities. The Myanmar Brothers are fully aware of the importance of getting candidates in the initial formation program and agreed that there is a great need to update and upgrade the current local practices of vocation promotion and initial formation programs. A team of 4 Brothers was identified and formed, tasked with reviewing the current practices and policies, and drawing up programs that are more suitable for the realities of the country. As for finances, participants focused on better accountability and efficient use of the approved budget by the Sector Bursar and community bursars and in fulfilling the Resolution 09-2019 of the 3rd District Chapter - “Keep the Brothers regularly informed of the sources and uses of funds on different levels: community, institution, sector, District”. The Assembly agreed to form a finance committee to ascertain the precise and clear roles and functions of the respective bursars. (Text & Screenshot: Br. Lucas Thein FSC)

Together as one! For this time of assembly, we were very happy to have Brs. Josaphat and Lucas from Myanmar joining us in the activities. We would like to pay our gratitude to Brs. Antonio and Joseph Klong who accompanied us throughout the assembly.

As we come together in the assembly, from 18-21 January, we met with the Initial Formation Board (IFB) on January 18. The meeting was very meaningful in the sense of becoming together as one LEAD.

On Monday, 20 January, we were able to meet Brs. Felipe and Antonio as the representatives from the Leadership Team. Br. Felipe shared his insights and encouraged the Young Brothers in Myanmar and Thailand to enrich the mission in our respective Sectors as well as to go beyond the borders. Very late in the morning, we traveled to Pak Chong District where we shared our mutual happiness. We went to the amusement park called Thong Somboon Farm. There we had to challenge our accuracy of shooting the laser guns. Surprisingly, after the game, Br. John Pongpat got the first place in the rank. We continued enjoying ourselves in the many activities there.

As we come together as one, the assembly invites us to work “together and by association” regardless of the obstacles and difficulties we encounter. (Text: Br. Matthew Thawatchai FSC; Photos: Brs. Antonio Cubillas FSC, John Worawut FSC, and John Pongpat FSC)




MYANMAR - We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to Mr. Marco Rey Macatangay for his labor and love with Lasallian Mission in La Salle Centre, Yangon.

His willingness to use his gifts and abilities has strengthened the Lasallian mission and educational services for the youth in Myanmar.

His service has been greatly appreciated by the students, staff and leaders from La Salle Centre.

Mr. Marco Rey Macatangay has volunteered to teach in our Online English Program (Advanced Level) from Jan 2022 to July 2022.

We hope that he will be able to make such a great contribution to our mission again in the future. God bless Mr. Marco Rey Macatangay! (La Salle Centre Official Facebook Page)

YANGON, MYANMAR - Amidst the pandemic, the De La Salle Brothers in Yangon found a chance to meet together for spiritual and community union. 9 Brothers met together on November 14-15 in the Ady community. The Mass was presided by Fr. Zacharias, the brother of Br. Joseph Aung FSC. The Brothers enjoyed accompanying and encouraging each other.

We thank the LORD for providing us with this wonderful opportunity. We are also grateful to the AD Community for hosting the Brothers from St. Paul’s Community. We hope that St. Paul’s Community will be the host for the next time. Best regards from Yangon, Myanmar! Take care and stay safe! (Text & Photo: Br. Josaphat Ai Saw Hung Htoo FSC)

The Maymyo Brothers’ Community takes off the ‘Come and See’ programme each year that lasts eight months, from January to August. It is part of the initial vocation promotion programme where the Brothers invite young men who have passed the High School Grade in the Local Educational System. This live-in programme takes in 10-15 boys every year to live with the Brothers and study the life and work of the Brothers. The Brothers help them in the betterment of their lives by forming them to become mature Christians.

They have lessons in English, Religion, Human Development and the use of Computer. The students have the chance to continue their further studies and take the UDE Exams. While living with the Brothers and taking part in the parish activities, they will come to know more about the Christian way of life. That will make them think about the Brothers’ vocation and join the Aspirancy in the Formation House of the Brothers. They live in the house of the Brothers with food and lodging free of charge.

The Brothers responsible for the ‘Come and See” programme 2020 are Brothers Lucas Thein, Lucas AhDo, Philip Thein, and Hilary Htun Kyi. The number of candidates is 13. At the end of the programme, the willing or suggested students will apply for the Aspirancy Programme.

During the course of the programme the community in Pyin Oo Lwin had some distinguished guests such as the major superiors from Lasallian East Asia District (LEAD), the Brother Visitor, Formators, Sector Head or Coordinator, and volunteer teachers from the Philippines.

The community is grateful for the interest and support of the District regarding the promotion of the Lasallian Vocations.

Live Jesus In Our Hearts. Forever! 

Photo - Br. Philip, Text-Br. Hilary

MYANMAR - This year our Brothers in Myanmar have a different retreat program from any other we've had before. We had three days retreat and the program ended with the celebration of Br. Noel Lal’s silver Jubilee celebration. The celebration was a simple one but our Brothers felt like we are all rekindling connections and bringing our community together. We also invited distinguished religious communities in Yangon. There were about 100 guests who joined in the celebration.

The celebration program started with the open remarks given by Br. Lucas Thein followed by the reading of Br. Noel’s biography by Br. Ling John. After the Mass ceremony, all guests were invited to join the reception filled with fine-dining and top-notch merry-making.

We're proud of how we've persevered and thrived over the past several years, and now it's time to celebrate our journey in a way that we'll never forget. We celebrated together by building stronger connections and igniting a new spark for the future. (Text & Photos: Br. Moris Tang FSC)

MYANMAR - On February 18, 2023, more than 90 boys and girls, both present and former students of Lasalle Centre, gathered together in La Salle House (Yangon) to create a chance for young Lasallians to have a meaningful encounter with one another and to enrich the Lasallian Spirit. The program aims to attract some of the youths and get them involved in the Youth for Future program and be part of the young Lasallian alumni group.

The program started with the opening prayer followed by Br. Lucas Thein’s welcome address in which he delivered a very inspirational message about the reason for this gathering. After the message, the participants from the La Salle House (Yangon) boarding department performed a beautiful Chin traditional dance. To enrich community building, the participants enjoyed some group activities and games led by some of our teachers from Lasalle Center.

The second part of the program was the Q&A session on Lasallian Spirit. This gave the young Lasallians the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and stimulate interest in the Lasallian Mission worldwide. This session was headed by the organizing team – Br. Lucas Ah Do, Br. Moris Tang, and Br. Justine Nge Bo. The active interaction between the Brothers and the student participants showed that the objectives were well achieved. To mark the end of the program, students from the current elementary class performed a final dance followed by group photo taking. The day ended with a very lively and fraternal lunch together with the Brothers. (Text: Br. Lucas Ah Do FSC; Photos: Br. Justine Nge Bo FSC)

MYANMAR - As a part of the series of Lasallian Vocations promotion and Young Lasallian Formation programs, the Brothers and teachers at La Salle Center organized a workshop on 28 October 2022. We also appreciate the students for their effort and time to join this session. The workshop started with an opening prayer at 10:30 am followed by the welcome message of Br. Justine Nge Bo. The very first activity was the ice breaker led by Br. Lucas Ahdo called “getting to know each other”. Next, Br. Lucas Ahdo continued the workshop, sharing his vocation story as a Lasallian Brother. Then Br. Justine Nge Bo shared the life of the Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Brothers to the participants. After a 15-minute break, the second part of the workshop resumed at 12:15 pm. During the second session, the participants were divided into five groups and given three questions which were relevant to their lives as young persons living in the current country’s situation, to discuss in their respective group. After the group discussion, the reporter from each group shared about the outcomes from their discussion to the whole group. Once all the groups finished sharing, the session then opened to questions for those who wanted to know more about the Life of the Founder and the Brother’s religious vocation. The session ended with a prayer at around 1:00 in the afternoon. The active participation of the young Lasallians demonstrated that the workshop was fruitful and blessed indeed. (Text: Br Justine Nge Bo FSC; Screenshots: La Salle Centre)

View the video recording of the workshop on Facebook.

After completing his Master’s Degree in USLS (University of St. La Salle) and diploma in ICA (Institute for Culinary Arts), Br. Than Htaik “Joseph” Aung FSC is now back in Yangon, Myanmar and assigned as the manager of La Salle Centre.

All the best, Br. Joseph!

MYANMAR - All the schools and Education Centres in Myanmar have to take an indefinite break due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A powerful second wave is hitting our country now. Considering new normal realities, the La Salle Centre decided to offer online classes for English Learning Programs for five different levels (Beginner Level, Level 1, 2, 3, and 4). We started our online classes for English Learning Program on 2020 August 12 with a total of 48 students. Our 2-month Weekday Program runs from Monday to Friday for two hours per a day. We also offer a 3-month program for Weekend classes (Saturdays and Sundays) two hours per a day as well. On October 15th, we started a second batch for Online English Learning Program. We hope that we will have a bigger number of students in the second batch because of the reputation we have gained from the 1stbatch. We received much positive feedback from the 1stbatch which is quite encouragingfor us. God bless you all. Stay Safe. (Text & Photos: Br. Joseph Aung FSC)