A 3-Day L.I.N.E. Project With The Youth

LEAD Story 377

MYANMAR - We are so blessed for being able to hold and successfully conclude a 3-day program for some youths who were able to attend in-person. For those who couldn’t be present, they joined the program online. This program was part of a L.I.N.E. (Lasallian InterNational Experience) Project conducted by Lasallian youths who participated in L.I.N.E. Program together with Br. Justine Nge Bo FSC (Vocation Promotor), Ms. Christine Soe Hlaing (LEAD Mission Council member) and Mr. Louis Kyaw Ko Ko (Lasallian Youth Coordinator) as facilitators. The program was held in Lasalle Language Center in Yangon, Myanmar from December 14 to 16, 2021. The theme of the program was “Social Inequality”.

On the first day, 15 participants were warmly welcomed, and the program started the morning session with self-introductions. Then the participants shared their knowledge and their lived experiences about the social inequality they have witnessed or have heard of. In the afternoon session, the participants had group discussions about how they can help lessen the inequality in the society where they live and know so well.

On the second day, Br. Moris Tang FSC, as guest speaker, shared about the life of the Founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle. He also talked about his life as a Lasallian Brother and the work he has been doing in the Institute. At the end of his session, he encouraged all the participants to imitate St. La Salle, his life of holiness, and his dedicated work in education for the poor. The session concluded with Br. Moris providing the participants some reflection questions and urged them to continue reflecting even after this program.

On the third day, we had some social activities to get to know each other better. We also had Christmas carol singing and did some Christmas crafts to have a taste of Christmas as we were moving closer to the celebration of the birth of Our Lord Jesus. The program ended with lunch for those who participated in person and some of the parents also joined the festive meal. (Text & Photos: Br. Justine Nge Bo FSC)