Saint Miguel House

In the distant parts of Chanthaburi, especially near the Thailand-Cambodia border, there are plenty of very poor families. The parents of these households can hardly provide even their basic needs, how much more providing the children quality education.

Knowing this situation, the feeling of Christian love towards fellow human beings moved the De La Salle Brothers to launch the ‘Saint Miguel House’ hostel and scholarship project in 1992. Since then, it has aimed to provide free education, as well as board and lodging, to the impoverished children so that they can go to school and improve their chances of having a better future and eventually become good and productive citizens.

Br. Benedict Chaiwat Phanomworachai FSC is the person currently responsible for this project with the support of other Brothers in the Chanthaburi Community. The De La Salle Brothers have been giving assistance to these poor students for so many years and many of them received completely free education with free lodging accommodations. There are two full-time teachers and two Brothers who take care of the stay-in students and act as their guidance counselors and house parents.

The Brothers are providing educational and livelihood programs for Catholic and non-Catholic students. The assistance is not merely in terms of providing their free education and providing their basic needs. The Brothers also take care of their well-being and mold them to be responsible and disciplined. They teach them how to be productive in life, make them learn the importance of education, and let them realize that the things they are doing at present can affect their future. Moreover, they regularly take them to attend the Sunday Masses and other parish ceremonies.

The number of stay-in students and scholars is increasing in number. The Saint Miguel House not only caters to the needs of the children belonging to low-income families (of which the majority of the stay-in students belong), it also helps those from broken homes, single parents, and from families of farmers and gardeners who do not own their own land or house.

The Brothers have always upheld the value of good, inclusive, basic education and holistic growth with emphasis on Christian moral values. These efforts are all done to help the less fortunate Catholic and Non-Catholic children secure a better future --- all in service for the youth entrusted to their care.


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2020 March 19
Solemn Feast of St. Joseph, Husband of Mary

Dear Lasallians in the Frontlines,

Greetings of peace and well-being! We salute and support your gallant efforts to quell COVID-19 as you perform your responsibilities beyond the call of duty while putting yourselves at great risk. We stand in solidarity with you as part of the health and medical team directly assisting the sick and infected, or as researchers and scientists pressed to review test results or find effective antidotes to the virus, or as round-the-clock logistics and security forces, public servants and volunteers doing your share to reassure the public, restore and maintain order and provide much needed services to everyone.

We are one with you during this very challenging time and assure you of our fervent prayers as your fellow Lasallians in East Asia. We will especially remember you as we pause for a few minutes of quiet prayer daily to remember all Lasallians in the frontlines and to intercede for all those who are working earnestly in many different ways to provide solutions and address the challenges we face.

For you, all Lasallians in East Asia will gather together and by association in their respective homes and communities at around 5:00 p.m. beginning today March 19, feast of St. Joseph, Protector of our Lasallian Institute, and ending on May 15, feast of our Founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle. May the good Lord ever keep you in the palm of His hand. Live Jesus in our hearts, forever!

Fraternally yours,

Br. Armin A. Luistro FSC


Loving Father, our Lasallian Family draws near to you in fervent prayer for all those affected by COVID-19. 

In FAITH, we lift up to you our fears and anxieties and the sufferings of those who have been infected always remembering that even in our darkest hours we are in your most holy presence. 

In SERVICE, we beg you for strength and wisdom to do all that needs to be done knowing that we can be channels of your healing grace when we do all our actions for the love of you. 

In COMMUNION, we stand in solidarity with all the frontliners who risk their lives for others and pray for all medical teams and support personnel who earnestly seek its cure and provide remedy and comfort to those who are sick and most vulnerable. Most Loving Father we entrust our lives and the health and well-being of our families and communities to your care and protection for with you we will be safe and secure.







THAILAND - On March 25, two young Brothers in Thailand, Br. Benedict Chaiwat Phanomworachai FSC and Br. John Pongpat Khasochan FSC professed their perpetual vows at St. John Baptist de La Salle Chapel, La Salle School, Bangkok.

Fr. John Baptist Chanchai Thewphaingam and priests from different dioceses and congregations presided over the Eucharistic celebration.

Br. Felipe Belleza Jr. FSC, Lasallian East Asia District Auxiliary Visitor, attended the ceremony to accept the vows of the two Brothers. Br. Joseph Klong FSC and Br. Stephen Kan FSC served as the religious sponsors of Br. Benedict and Br. Pongpat respectively.

Religious brothers and sisters, priests, family members, friends, teachers, and their classmates also witnessed this special event. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC; Photos: Mr. Mario De Antonio)

Click here to view the Perpetual Vows ceremony on Facebook.

THAILAND - The three postulants of the De La Salle Brothers in LEAD, Lemuel Asunción, Jose Ruben Garcia, and Zennel Sy, went to the Sector of Thailand for a month-long exposure program. Each of them wrote a reflection article which are found on the succeeding pages.

Doing, Being, Becoming: Reflections on the ministry of teaching during our exposure in Thailand
By Lemuel Asunción

7 Takeaways From My Lasallian Exposure Trip to Thailand
By Zennel Sy

Without Borders
By Jose Ruben A. Garcia

THAILAND – On March 19, on the feast of St. Joseph, Br. Johnny Perapong Kaewkanha FSC professed his final vows as a De La Salle Brother at La Salle Chapel, Bangna, Bangkok. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist was presided by Fr. Chanchai Tewphaingam, a Diocesan priest together with the other eight priests who joined the morning mass.

The event was also livestreamed through the De La Salle Brothers of Thailand Facebook page. Br. Joseph Klong FSC, Chair of the Directors’ Association on behalf of Br. Armin, Visitor, accepted Br. Johnny Perapong’s final vows and was witnessed by his religious sponsor, Brother Eugene Prapas.

Br. Johnny Perapong has many experiences in many schools such as the Bamboo school, La Salle Bangkok and La Salle Nakhonsawan. His new assignment after his final vows is the Bamboo school.

At the end of the mass, Br. Joseph Klong said a word of thanks to the mother of Br. Johnny Perapong for the generosity of the family. A special prayer and a souvenir of appreciation were offered to his mother. The celebrant was also thankful to the administration of La Salle Bangkok school, especially to Br. Matthew Thawatchai for overseeing the preparations for the event. (Text: Br. Joseph Klong Chaiphuak FSC; Photos: Br. Benedict Chaiwat Phanomworachai FSC)


THAILAND - On the occasion of the Lasallian Mission’s 70th year presence in Thailand, the De La Salle Brothers and La Salle Sisters in Thailand traveled to the city of Mae Hong Son to lay the foundation stone for a new charity school (school for the poor) for the hill tribe students on 18 January 2022. Mae Hong Son is located in the northern part of Thailand and nine hundred kilometers away from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

The laying of the foundation stone ceremony was led by Rev. Fr. Pratip Kiratipong, the Vicar General of Chaing Mai Diocese. Several sectors witnessed the ceremony of the new mission, such as priests, sisters from different congregations, police, government teachers, local politicians, as well as villagers nearby.

The place where the new school is about to be built is surrounded by huge and numerous mountains and the majority of the people are from the ethnic groups called “Karen” and the rest are from the “Hmong”. Catholics form the majority religions of the local people and of the villages nearby with Catholics-80%, Protestants-10%, and Buddhist-10%. (Text & Photos: Br. Niran Suksankrasin FSC)

The De La Salle Brothers and Sisters and the Lasallian Family in Thailand are grateful for the 70 productive years of Lasallian presence there.

Br. Benedict Chaiwat Phanomworachai FSC designed the logo for this year's celebration. The logo has different elements.

1951-2021 is seen in the number "7" in the design, representing the 70th year of La Salle's unwavering excellent education in Thailand. The number "0" comprises Thai iconography, Kranok patterns, and the silhouette of the first missionary Brothers to arrive in Nakhon Sawan railway station in 1971.

The Bamboo School 2 project is part of the celebration and launch of the De La Salle Brothers' new mission of giving a human and Christian education to the marginalized in Thailand. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC; Logo: De La Salle Brothers Thailand Facebook Page)

Br. Armin Luistro FSC, LEAD Visitor, made a canonical visit to Sampran Community and La Salle Sangkhlaburi on 3-7 January 2020. He met with Brothers individually and called for a community meeting. He encouraged the Brothers to continue working with the poor in Sangkhlaburi. He also would like to see that the young Brothers be trained well for the next set of leaders not only for Thailand but also for LEAD and the rest of the Institute. Br. Armin will continue working closely with the Brothers in Thailand in order to strengthen the foundations of the Lasallian Mission in the sector. The visit at the two communities gave Br. Armin much joy and he prays and lifts his intentions to the Lord, that He will bless the De La Salle Brothers and Sisters in Thailand and all the teachers, students, and members of the community in the sector. (Text & Photos: Br. Joseph Klong Chaiphuak FSC)




On 19-20 October, the LEAD Vocation Promotion Team met at La Salle Bangkok, Thailand and spent time together to brainstorm ideas for Pastoral Ministry of Vocation programs. This was the first face to face meeting of the team; they usually have online meetings before finally seeing each other in Bangkok. The team members are: Br. Francisco Chadang FSC (Director), Br. Rey Mejias FSC, Br. Josaphat FSC, Br. Benedict Chaiwat FSC, Br. Ranier Guillergan FSC (Secretary), and Br. Antonio Cubllias FSC (Auxiliary Visitor). (Text & Photos: Br. Benedict Chaiwat FSC)



It has been an annual tradition to have a special Easter Issue featuring photos, both serious and not so serious, of the annual Holy Week retreat held in Malaysia (Hotel Equatorial, Malacca), Philippines (Benilde Retreat and Conference Center), and Thailand (Redemptorist Center, Pattaya).

Special thanks to the retreat facilitators this year: Br. Aidan Kilty, Br. Jorge Gallardo, and Br. Vincent Pelletier. Kudos also to the retreat coordinators: Brs. Andrew, Alex, and Francisco. Thanks to Br. Ranier for collecting these photos and posting them online. Happy Easter and enjoy the photos! (More photos in this link: https://

THAILAND - The whole Lasallian Family in Thailand celebrates the 60th founding anniversary of La Salle Chanthaburi. On the said occasion, a Eucharistic Mass was presided over by Bishop Silvio Siripong Charasri and Bishop Emeritus Laurence Tianchai Samanjit.

Invited guests from different LaSalle Schools, De La Salle Brothers, alumni, teachers , administrators, and benefactors join and congratulate La Salle Chanthaburi for making another milestone in the educational realm. (La Salle Chanthaburi School Of ficial Facebook Page)

More pictures here: ลาซาลจันทบุรี มารดา พิทักษ

THAILAND - From January 9-14, 2023, the Brother Superior General, Vicar General, and General Councilors attended the PARC48 at the Redemptorist Center in Pattaya, Thailand. This is the first time in the history of the Thai Sector to welcome the Brother Superior General, Vicar General, and all General Councilors worldwide. After a series of meetings, Brother Armin and his Council visited the Lasallian Schools in the Thai Sector. They divided themselves into 3 groups and visited three La Salle schools on January 15-17. Br. Armin, Br.Joël, Br. Sergio, and Br. Donald visited La Salle Chotiravi Nakhonsawan School. Br. Anatole, Br. Carlos, and Br. Chris visited La Salle Sangklaburi and Bamboo School. Br. Ricky, Br. Martin, and Br. Alfonso visited La Salle Chanthaburi School. They spent time with the Brothers in the community, visited projects for the poor, and graced the school activities.

On January 17, 2023, the Thai Sector hosted a simple dinner at La Salle School, Bangkok to conclude the visit. On this special occasion, the Thai Brothers, Sisters, and Postulants joined this momentous event and thanked the Institute leadership for visiting their country. (Text & Photos: Br. John Pongpat Khasochan FSC)

THAILAND - The season of giving started early in La Salle Bamboo school as three generous donors visited the students to share some presents.

Mr. Carl Oppenborn, former chair of La Salle Bangkok Alumni Association, with Mr. Mike Kuntz from Billings, Montana, and Mr. Paul Beaudoin from St. Louis, Missouri, visited the facilities and checked the conditions of the students in the Bamboo School.

Mr. Oppenborn, known to the students as Mr. Magnum as he always gives Magnum ice cream to the students, has supported La Salle Bamboo School for ten years. His generous contribution helped the Brothers to build a futsal court and provided televisions and computers for the students ‘new learning experiences.

On their special visit, they provided happiness to the students as they shared simple meals like noodles and ice cream with everyone. Before they left, the donors donated money to the school administrators headed by Br. Benilde Preecha Traikeaw FSC for school facilities and student improvement.

Indeed every day is a season of sharing if we continue to practice generosity to one another! If you are also interested in sharing some blessings with our students in La Salle Bamboo School, just email us at . (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC; Photos: Br. Stephen Pichit FSC)

THAILAND - The young Brothers of Thailand joined together for an annual meeting and recollection at De La Salle Brothers House in Phutawan, Pakchong District, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, last July 28-29. The event aims to reflect on the current educational condition in the sector through the lens of the Christian and Lasallian charism and to focus on the importance of the Brotherhood in the ministry.

The event started with a prayer service on the journey with Jesus, followed by the inspirational speech of Br. Joseph Klong FSC. He highlighted that the young Brothers are the fourth generation (4th Gen.) of Brothers in Thailand and the future of the schools and the formation program in the sector.

After the short message and reflection, the 4th Gen Bros, headed by Br. Matthew Thawatchai FSC, plans the different programs for the young Brothers and the sector of Thailand and assigns tasks to committee coordinators. In the meeting, Br. Matthew appointed the following Brothers to the different committees. Br. John Pongpat FSC as the Lasallian Education Team Coordinator, Br. Philip Bancha FSC as the Lasallian Vocation and Formation Committee Coordinator, Br. Luke as Recollection and Recreation Team Coordinator and Br. Benedict Chaiwat FSC as Communications and Social Media Enforcement Team Coordinator.

After the meeting, the organizers prepared community - building activities for the young Brothers.

The next day, Fr. Dominic Sarawin, a Lasallian partner and priest from Ratchaburi, prepared a talk about God’s Presence in the Education Ministry for the Young People in Today’s World, which concluded the two-day event. (Text by: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC; Photos from: Br. Matthew FSC & Br. Luke FSC)

THAILAND - During the annual traditional celebration of Holy Trinity Sunday, the 17 De La Salle Brothers and 6 La Salle Sisters from the Sector of Thailand renew their vows in various locations. This annual tradition also commemorates one of the Institute's most important events, when The Founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle, and the twelve principal Brothers made the Institute's first perpetual vows.

The De La Salle Brothers and Sisters of Bangkok Community and the La Salle Sampran Community renew their vows at the La Salle Bangna Chapel, while the Brothers of Chantaburi, Nakhon Sawan, and Sangklaburi renew at their respective locations. The Lasallian family was also present at the celebrations, as they continue to assist the De La Salle Brothers in their mission of teaching minds, touching hearts, and transforming lives. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC; Photos: De La Salle Brothers - Thailand Official Facebook Page)

THAILAND - Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year festival from ancient times. It is a celebration that embraces goodwill, love, compassion, and thankfulness, using water as the means of expression.

The festival of Songkran falls on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of April every year. The first day is known as Maha Songkran or the grand Songkran. The Thai government has declared Songkran festival as extended public holidays to enable the people to return to their hometown for family reunions, merry-making and reuniting with others in their community.

The 13th of April is also declared the Day of the Seniors or Elderly by the government. The occasion marks the appreciation for the senior population for their years of contribution to the family and country. The 14th of April is designated as Family Day to celebrate family love and togetherness.

The Brothers and Sisters celebrated together while having an Annual Retreat together at the Redemptorist Retreat Center, Minburi. (Text & Photo: Br. Joe Klong FSC)

THAILAND - It is a great honor for us, La Salle Miguel House, to welcome the Sector Head of La Salle Thailand, Br. Joseph Klong Chai Phuek FSC. He has been behind the work of Miguel House for the past 3 years; he truly brought blessings to our home.

We would like to thank Br. Joseph Klong for visiting us this time with love and kindness. The speech that he gave to us was very motivating, urging us to live our daily lives not to be like the dead but swimming upstream to improve our life.


In the distant parts of Chanthaburi, especially near the Thailand-Cambodia border, there are plenty of very poor families. The parents of these households can hardly provide even their basic needs, not to mention providing the children quality education.

Knowing this situation, the feeling of Christian love towards fellow human beings moved the De La Salle Brothers to launch the ‘Saint Miguel House’ hostel and scholarship project in 1992. Since then, it has aimed to provide free education, as well as board and lodging, to the impoverished children so that they can go to school and improve their chances of having a better future and eventually become good and productive citizens.

Br. Benedict Chaiwat Phanomworachai FSC is the person currently responsible for this project with the support of other Brothers in the Chanthaburi Community. The De La Salle Brothers have been giving assistance to these poor students for so many years and many of them received completely free education with free lodging accommodations. There are two full-time teachers and two Brothers who take care of the stay-in students and act as their guidance counselors and house parents.

The Brothers are providing educational and livelihood programs for Catholic and non-Catholic students. The assistance is not merely in terms of providing them with free education and providing their basic needs. The Brothers also take care of their well-being and mold them to be responsible and disciplined. They teach them how to be productive in life, make them learn the importance of education, and let them realize that the things they are doing at present can affect their future. Moreover, they regularly take them to attend the Sunday Masses and other parish ceremonies.

The number of stay-in students and scholars is increasing in number. The Saint Miguel House not only caters to the needs of the children belonging to low-income families (to which the majority of the stay-in students belong), it also helps those from broken homes, single parents, and from families of farmers and gardeners who do not own their own land or house.

The Brothers have always upheld the value of good, inclusive, basic education and holistic growth with emphasis on Christian moral values. These efforts are all made to help the less fortunate Catholic and Non-Catholic children secure a better future --- all in the service of the youth entrusted to their care. (Text & Photos: Br. Benedict Chaiwat Phanomworachai FSC)

It was our honour to welcome Br. Armin Luistro FSC and Br Joseph Klong FSC to La Salle Chanthaburi (Mandapitak). Their visit brought joy to the Brothers and the school. On Friday, February 7, 2020 during the school assembly, the school organized a simple welcoming ceremony where he listened to a brief report of the school by a student from Grade 10. Br. Armin then gave an inspirational speech. He encouraged the teachers to take care of the students like a plant, look after them well, water them enough, protect them from insects and all dangerous things, and one day the plants will grow strong and bear much fruit. He also introduced to them an old boy of La Salle Chanthaburi who is now bearing much fruit to the Institute of La Salle Brothers, Br Joseph Klong.


Then, Br. Armin requested to visit “Miguel House”, a project to help the financially poor students in Chanthaburi province. This shows how much he gives importance to the poor. His action reminded us to continue to carry out the mission of the Institute.

We continue to pray for our Brother Visitor to be an instrument of God to inspire people wherever he goes. (Text & Photos: Br. Benedict Chaiwat Phanomworachai FSC)



On April 6-7, 2019, all Lasallian Teachers, Brothers and Sisters from four schools gathered together at La Salle Bangkok to celebrate Tercentenary of our Holy Founder’s completion of his early journey. The event began with the Mass led by Cardinal Michael Michai Kitbunchu. He emphasized on One Heart One Commitment One Life with Holy Founder Saint John Baptist de La Salle.

In the afternoon, there were two sharings by Br. Joseph Klong on biography of our Holy Founder and Br. Peter Boonchert on the history of La Salle in Thailand. On the second day, we began the day with morning prayer and listened to Br. Eugene Prapas on 12 Virtues of a good teachers. We also invited Mr. Warin Chaiaphabul who is close to Lasallian Family in Thailand to share about organisational culture.

The first missionaries arrived in Thailand on August 31, 1951. At present there are four schools, 570 teachers, and about 10,280 students. The mission is continuing to grow, let us ask God to bless Lasallian Family in Thailand so we can carry on the work that our founder had begun. (Br. John Pongpat FSC)

THAILAND - The Lasallian educators from the four La Salle schools in Thailand: La Salle Bangkok, La Salle Chanthaburi, La Salle Nakhonsawan, and La Salle Sangklaburi, have undergone intensive and fruitful teachers and staff formation programs under Mr. Michael Warin Chiapaiboon in the past months.

The formation program's goals were to foster campus camaraderie and a sense of community and to prepare the educators for the "Mission to Restore Learning." Better teaching methodology and attitudes were also included in the said formation to touch more hearts and transform more lives of the students entrusted to their care.

Mr. Michael Waring Chiapaiboon is a former De La Salle Brother with extensive experience training personnel in various Thai companies and organizations. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC & Br. Joe Klong FSC; Photos: Br. Raphael Tanet of La Salle Sangklaburi, Teacher Theerasak Phutoson of La Salle Nakhonsawan, & Facebook Pages of LA SALLE SCHOOLS in Thailand)

THAILAND - Thai students honor their teachers by commemorating Wai Kru Day, also known as Teachers’ Appreciation Day. This traditional Thai ceremony is held at the start of the new academic year to demonstrate respect and thanks for teachers' tireless work. During the celebration, the kids create and present a phan, a traditional Thai tray filled with flowers, candles, popped rice, and other presents.

Our pupils use different gimmicks in our Lasallian schools to show thanks to their teachers. Students from La Salle Bangna, La Salle Chanthaburi, and La Salle Nakhon Sawan rewarded their teachers and administrators with different presents. Students from La Salle Sangklaburi dress in traditional Thai attire and deliver gifts and traditional phan to the Brothers and professors. The pre-postulant candidates also honor their in-house instructors, Br. Joseph Klong FSC and Br. Eugene de Luna FSC, with a special prayer ceremony and flower presentation. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC; Photos: La Salle Chanthaburi's Official Facebook Page, Br. Raphael from La Salle Sangklaburi, Ms. Rattikarn Sritarapiphat of La Salle Nakhon Sawan, Martin Puri of La Salle Sampran, Br. Matthew of La Salle Bangna)

THAILAND - The admission of three young candidates into the Lasallian Formation Program shows that the Lasallian Vocation is still alive and well in Thailand. On June 3, 2022, the Lasallian family received two De La Salle Brothers' candidates and one La Salle Sisters' candidate in La Salle Sampran.

Br. Joseph Klong FSC, the sector head and the community director of La Salle Sampran Community, accepted and welcomed John Puchit Sangwornchit, Valentino Worawit Wongsit from Amnat Charoen Province , and Lucia Nattarinda Dehae from Chiang Mai Province.

Sister Mary Ann Sunantha, Superior General and the community director of the La Salle Sisters, Bangkok, Sister Mary Laied, and Sister Elizabeth Mali from La Salle Bangna, Br. Philip Bancha FSC from La Salle Juniorate in Nakhon Sawan and Fr. Joseph Srawin and Fr. Bosco Watcharapon of the Ratchaburi Diocese joined the La Salle Sampran community for this event.

The newly accepted candidates will start their tertiary education at Lux Mundi Seminary in Sampran. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC; Photos: Mr. Romeo Mongkol Sanyaluck)

THAILAND - The De La Salle Brothers and Sisters of Thailand convened for the annual Holy Week Retreat (HWR) from April 13-17, 2022, at Ruamrudee International School, Redemptorist Center, Minburi, Thailand. The retreat, conducted by Rev. Fr. Apisit Kristsaralam, C Ss.R, was attended by twenty-one Brothers and nine Sisters from the sector and considered the topic, "Living a Healthy Spiritual Life and Lasallian Spirituality.”

The retreat includes the traditional Songkran festival, a customary giving of honor to the elders by pouring water with flowers and scents, and the district's annual Easter renewal of vows. This year, eight Brothers renewed their vows and were accepted by Br. Joseph Klong FSC on behalf of the Lasallian East Asia District Visitor, Br. Armin Luistro FSC. The young Brothers who renewed their vows are the following: Br. Benedict Chaiwat Phanomworachai FSC, Br. John Pongpat Khasochan FSC, Br. Eugenio S.R. De Luna Jr. FSC, Br. Philip Bancha Pichitpraipana FSC, Br. Raphael Tanet Lertwaja FSC, Br. Matthew Thawatchai Chumkhamta FSC, Br. John Worawut Chinsee FSC, and Br. Luke Thatsaworn Nonthiboot FSC.

This retreat strictly adhered to the COVID-19 protocols. (Text: Br. Eugene De Luna FSC; Photos: Br. John Pongpat Khasochan FSC)

THAILAND – On the western border of Thailand, the pandemic has prevented students from crossing the border to receive medical care, vaccination, and lessons at La Salle Sangkhlaburi and Bamboo School.

Our teachers organized a special mission to bring the mobile classroom, school milk, and a small amount of money from the government to the hands of students and parents at the border. The teachers met with the families at the military security checkpoint called “Bann Bor Yi-Pun” (a historical Japanese army camp since WWII) and sugarcane plantations site at the Three Pagodas Pass in Myanmar.

The job was successfully done with the support from the military, who took care of the teachers’ safety while working in the area. (Text & Photos: Br. Danai Kingkan FSC)

On the occasion of Teachers’ Day in Thailand, the De La Salle Brothers, teachers and staff offered wreaths and flowers to honor the Founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle. (Photos: La Salle Chanthaburi & La Salle Chotiravi Nakhonsawan School Official Facebook Pages)

THAILAND - The De La Salle Brothers and Sisters in Thailand, together and by association, reflect the importance of community, mission and participation.

The event begins with an opening prayer led by Br. Luke, followed by a message from Br. Joseph Klong, the Sector head.

Rev. Fr. John Baptist Chanchai Thewphaingam facilitates the recollection on the recent synod in the country on communion, mission and participation.

Announcements about the sector, such as the groundbreaking of the Bamboo 2 project: La Salle Mae Hong Son School in Khun Mae La and Br. Mario's retirement in the mission in Thailand, are also mentioned.

The recollection concluded with a group discussion on Life and Mission in Times of Pandemic, School and Community Life, Thailand's Future Sector, and the recent Catholic Church Synod on Communion, Participation, and Mission.

In the afternoon the young Brothers play football against the faculty members of La Salle Bangkok.

The day concluded with community mass and Christmas party. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC; Photos: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC; De La Salle Brothers - Thailand Official Facebook Page)

THAILAND – Following the Covid-19 protocols, the De La Salle Brothers, pre-postulants, and Miguel House students assembled for the first time last November 20 to remember and pray for the souls of the Lasallian family in Thailand. It began with a solemn eucharistic ceremony at the Chanthaburi Catholic Cemetery, followed by a humble prayer service prepared by the pre-postulants in front of Br. Victor Gil FSC's tomb.

Br. Joseph Mertz FSC and Br. Brendan Feeney FSC are both interred at the same Catholic cemetery. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC; Photos: Mr. Martin Puri Manaswipawee)

THAILAND - On the 5th of April 2021, La Salle Chotiravi Nakhonsawan School had an opportunity to welcome Br. Francisco Teerayut Chadang FSC to the school as the new director for this academic year. We, the Brothers, teachers, school staff, and students really feel honored indeed for having him here with us.

We really acknowledge having him in our school. His ability, natural aptitude, impressive knowledge and his experiences can be useful for the improvement of the school. We all greet you, new director.

Lastly, we hope that Br. Francisco will be happy and joyful with his assignment as the director of the school. Even though it’s so hard, his skills, talents and experiences will lead the school to move forward and drive the Lasallian Spirit into reaching the goal.

May the Holy Lord always watch over and bless you with love and grace for this challenging mission.

Live Jesus in our hearts! Forever! (Text & Photos: Br. Johnny Perapong Kaewkanha FSC)

THAILAND -Prayerful Lenten greetings from La Salle Chanthaburi as we begin the journey of prayer, contemplation and conversion leading towards Easter, which is the highest summit of the liturgical life of the Church.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has brought about horrific impacts on our lives. With sickness, death, schools being closed, and the unemployment rates soaring globally, it is very easy to despair. Yet, such horrific impacts also leads us to finding new ways to address the need for interconnectedness. Needless to say, Br. Armin Luistro FSC, the Visitor, was able to make his canonical visit with us via Zoom. On Feb 8th and 9th, Br. Armin was able to hold reddition with all the Brothers in the community.

In the dialogue with the community on the 9th, Br. Armin invited the community to reflect upon the effects of COVID-19 pandemic that we have collectively and or individually experienced. He asked the community to ruminate in our minds and hearts the Pastoral Letter 2020 of the Superior General as to how, in this pandemic, we can deepen our relationship with Jesus, creatively respond to the emerging needs of education, and rejuvenate the sense of community. Br. Armin also reminded the community that our Lasallian mission is integrally connected with our life in the community. Our community life and our mission cannot be separated from the community prayer life. Together they shape us and give us our identity and authenticity as De La Salle Brothers. In other words, who we are and what we do are interconnected and interrelated.

May this Lenten season be a season of change, a season of conversion, that is “a deep and sincere change of heart”which ultimately involves turning in anew direction as we continue to carry on the work entrusted to us by the Founder and the early Brothers. (Text & Photo: Br. Benedict Chaiwat Phanomworachai FSC)

On 2020 June 28, Br. Benedict Chaiwat Phanomworachai FSC successfully defended his thesis titled ‘The Relationship between 21st Century Transformational Leadership of School Administrators and Teachers’ Organizational Commitment to the Network of Schools of the La Salle Foundation” for his Master’s Degree in Educational Administration (M.Ed.) at Rambhai Barni Rajabhat University in Chantaburi, Thailand.

He was diligently mentored by his Thesis Advisors Asst. Prof. Dr. Theerangkoon Warabamrungkul and Dr. Reongwit Nilkote. The panelists on his defense were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chet Ratchadapunnathikul, Asst. Prof. Dr. Theerangkoon Warabamrungkul, Dr. Reongwit Nilkote, and Dr. Montri Wichaiwong.

But he’s not out of the woods yet. He will have to present his thesis to the National Academic Meeting and to the Council of the University.

Congratulations, Brother!

Together as one! For this time of assembly, we were very happy to have Brs. Josaphat and Lucas from Myanmar joining us in the activities. We would like to pay our gratitude to Brs. Antonio and Joseph Klong who accompanied us throughout the assembly.

As we come together in the assembly, from 18-21 January, we met with the Initial Formation Board (IFB) on January 18. The meeting was very meaningful in the sense of becoming together as one LEAD.

On Monday, 20 January, we were able to meet Brs. Felipe and Antonio as the representatives from the Leadership Team. Br. Felipe shared his insights and encouraged the Young Brothers in Myanmar and Thailand to enrich the mission in our respective Sectors as well as to go beyond the borders. Very late in the morning, we traveled to Pak Chong District where we shared our mutual happiness. We went to the amusement park called Thong Somboon Farm. There we had to challenge our accuracy of shooting the laser guns. Surprisingly, after the game, Br. John Pongpat got the first place in the rank. We continued enjoying ourselves in the many activities there.

As we come together as one, the assembly invites us to work “together and by association” regardless of the obstacles and difficulties we encounter. (Text: Br. Matthew Thawatchai FSC; Photos: Brs. Antonio Cubillas FSC, John Worawut FSC, and John Pongpat FSC)




The Closing of the ceremony of the death of St. John Baptist De La Salle was organized by Brother Peter Boochert, the Director of Bangkok School. An evening mass was celebrated by the Redemptorist Priest who was the one presided the opening ceremony in November 2018. The ending remark was given by Brother Felipe, Auxiliary Visitor who represented Brother Armin, Visitor. The participants were old boys, alumni, teachers from four schools and the Brothers and Sisters in Thailand.

Dinner was organized after mass for all participants. The highlight of the closing ceremony was the power-point on the various events of the celebration from the four schools during the year. The exhibition on the life of the Founder was exhibited outside the main chapel for all to see.



THAILAND - Sixteen high school students and two professors from St. Mary's College High School in Berkeley, California visited Sangkhlaburi, Thailand, as part of their Lasallian Enrichment Program. These Lasallians lived and interacted with the community's students, teachers, staff, and De La Salle Brothers for six days. They also had the opportunity to volunteer at the La Salle Bamboo School, where they built and designed a mushroom hut for the students. To immerse visitors in Thai culture, they were taken to various popular tourist destinations, interacted with students and teachers, and tried to bargain with Thai sellers. The main aim of this Lasallian Enrichment Program, a collaboration between Thailand and other countries, is for the Lasallian partners to enjoy and appreciate the rich Thai culture and to be inspired to help the less fortunate students of La Salle Bamboo School. (Text & Photos: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC & Br. Joe Klong FSC)

THAILAND - At La Salle Sangklaburi in Thailand, a new chapel honoring Saint John Baptist de La Salle has just been consecrated. Participants in the said blessing included students, teachers, and employees from La Salle Sangklaburi, as well as De La Salle Brothers and Sisters from various communities in Thailand. The event was also graced by the presence of the sector leader, Br. Joseph Klong FSC, and the superior of the La Salle Sisters, Sister Mary Anne Sunantha.

Fr. Peter Parmote Ninphet, a priest from the Ratchaburi Diocese, was in charge of leading the mass and blessing. The priest reminded the congregation in his homily that the chapel needs to be a house of holiness, a place and haven where people can connect and meet God.

The Blue Sky Home students' heavenly voices add a unique touch to the entire mass.

Following the Mass and blessing, Br. Benilde Preecha Traikaew FSC, the school's director, expressed his gratitude to everyone who contributed to the new Sangklaburi project that will help those who use the chapel to deepen their faith. He expressed his gratitude to the Thai sector for making this project feasible. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC & Br. Raphael Tanet Lertwaja FSC; Photos: De La Salle Brothers - Thailand Official Facebook Page)

THAILAND - The Buddhist teachers, staff, and students of La Salle Sangkhlaburi and Chanthaburi organize a candle offering ceremony as part of the Buddhist Lent this July 14, 2022. Buddhist Lent is one of the important days for Buddhists as it is the day that marks the beginning of the three-month retreat for monks of the Theravada monastic discipline, during which they will stay in a particular place throughout the rainy season.

The Lasallian family brings candles and gifts like saffron robes and dry goods to different Buddhist temples in Sangkhlaburi and Chanthaburi.

The Lasallian Buddhist family in Sangkhlaburi visits Wat Pa Himmapan Temple, where they offer candles and gifts, while the Lasallian Buddhist family from Chanthaburi visits different temples like Wat Don Tan, Khao Mai Kaew Monastery, and Wat Plabchaiyaram.

This tradition originated in the Buddha’s time. In those days, monks traveled to various places to spread the teachings of the Buddha. However, during the rainy season, there were complaints from villagers that by traveling from place to place, monks passed through their fields, thus ruining their crops. Therefore, the Buddha made a rule for monks to stay permanently for three months in one place during the rainy season. It was also the time for monks to study Buddhist teachings and share experiences with others.

In this rich tradition, the De La Salle Brothers encourage the Buddhist teachers and students to visit the temple and pay respect and merit to Buddha and to the monks. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC & Br. Joe Klong FSC; Photos: La Salle Chanthaburi & La Salle Sangkhlaburi Official Facebook Pages)

THAILAND – On the opening day of the school, the teachers and students were screened for COVID-19 with ATK test kits for their own safety. Thank you Mr. Carl Oppenborn for donating ATK testing kits to La Salle Bamboo School. (Text: Br. Raphael Tanet Lertwaja FSC; Photos: Ms. Thaweerap Chaowicha - Bamboo School Teacher)

THAILAND - Christmas is a time of sharing. Today (December 22) the teachers have distributed worksheets, school milk to the students, and on the occasion of Christmas, we have brought a bag of happiness from the diocese of Ratchaburi by Father Chitchanon Saengpradab which were distributed to the students' families.

The school would like to thank the Ratchaburi Diocese for bringing the love and blessings of the Child Jesus to share with us. (La Salle Sangklaburi Official Facebook Page)

THAILAND - We would like to thank Br. Armin Luistro FSC, Visitor of LEAD, for arranging time to be with us members of La Salle Sangkhlaburi community by Zoom during our Canonical Visit on February 17-18, 2021.

We talked about Brother Superior General Robert Schieler FSC’s pastoral letter 2020 titled “We Believe in the Holy Spirit, The Lord, the Giver of life.” Even in the midst of the spread of COVID-19, which is still chaotic and critical, we still believe that the Holy Spirit lives in each of us and in those people around us. (Text & Photo: Br. Raphael Tanet Lertwaja FSC)

THAILAND - After two years of lockdown and online classes, La Salle schools in Thailand celebrate the Loy Krathong Festival. Loy Krathong Festival, also known as Thailand's Festival of Lights, is one of Thailand's largest annual traditional Siamese festivals, celebrated to pay respect to and thank the Goddess of Water (called Pra Mae Khongkha) for a year's worth of her abundant supply, request an apology for polluting the waters, and pay respects to the Buddha. Loy means 'to float in Thai, and Krathong means 'basket or boat,' so the literal translation of Loy Krathong is 'float a basket.’

This year's festival took place on November 8th, the evening of the 12th full moon of the Thai lunar calendar, just in time for the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Typically, the festival takes place in the evening, with everyone gathering at waterways or temples for religious rituals and releasing Krathongs, a small lotus-shaped boat traditionally made from banana leaves and decorated with flowers. However, for the students and the Lasallian families to enjoy and participate in the said festival, the schools provide inflatable pools for the communities to float their Krathong. Some of our students also participated in the Noppamas Queen Contests, a traditional beauty pageant during this festival. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC; Photos: La Salle Nakhon Sawan, Snagklaburiand Chantaburi Official Facebook Pages)

THAILAND - After two years of hybrid and online classes in which students were not allowed to gather and enjoy school events, La Salle Chotiravi Nakhon Sawan recently launched the Lasallian Games 2022. In its 47th year, the school properly prepared this event to boost the spirit of the Lasallian community in Nakhon Sawan, particularly the students. The event began with opening remarks from Br. Joe Klong FSC, Sector Head of De La Salle Thailand. Following the motivational speech, the students displayed their talents and colorful attire. The students were divided into teams of different colors, such as pink, green, blue, and orange. The event also included the Brothers, teachers, staff, alumni, and parents who enjoyed watching the students' performances.

The event lasted three days, from November 9 to 11, and all Covid-19 protocols were followed. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC; Photos: Br. Luke Thatsaworn Nonthiboot FSC)

THAILAND - La Salle Chantaburi welcomed the four new Filipino teachers assigned to teach and improve the English program in the school. Br. Eugene Prapas FSC, the director of the Brothers’ Community in Chantaburi, personally fetched the Filipino teachers from the airport and welcomed them to Thailand. A simple ceremony was held at the school to receive the Filipino teachers in La Salle and Chantaburi.

The four new Filipino teachers and alumni of De La Salle University Dasmarinas are Miss Tricia Mei A. Sanchez, Mr. Hanz Dominic I. Tecson, Mr. Francis Julius Y. Nachor, and Miss Jelsha T. Buenaobra. They will teach in the kindergarten, primary, secondary, and high school departments.

La Salle Chantaburi collaborates with De La Salle University Dasmarinas to recruit more Filipino teachers to assist La Salle schools in Thailand with English language education. This collaboration between Thailand and the Philippines is another venture toward being Lasallian Family members without borders. (Text: Br. Eugene De Luna Jr. FSC; Photos: Br. Eugene Prapas FSC & La Salle Chantaburi Official Facebook Page)

THAILAND - Br. Francisco Teerayut Chadang FSC, Br. John Worawut Chinsee FSC, and school administrators of La Salle Nakhonsawan visited and donated relief goods to the teachers and workers who were seriously affected by the storm and flood. (La Salle Chotiravi Nakhonsawan Facebook Page)

THAILAND - Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, La Salle Sampran Community in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand celebrates the Songkran this year. Songkran is a famous annual Thai water festival that marks the beginning of the Thai traditional New Year. The candidates prepared activities that formally started with Thai prayer and chants. Then, the adult members of the community, Br. Joseph Klong FSC, Br. Eugene de Luna FSC, and the house gardener gave their new year messages to all. The main message of each adult revolves around prosperity, good health and year-filled courage for vocation.Then, the young candidates show respect to the adults by doing the traditional pouring of flowers and water perfume onto the elders' hands. The whole community alsoblessthe statue of the St. John Baptist de La Salle with flowers and water perfume to pay respects to the Founder. Besides, the true spirit of Songkranis not the extravagant festivities but the importance of family and respect.Finally, amusing games, dances, and a sumptuous meal concludes the event. (Text & Photos: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC)

THAILAND - The Brother Visitor makes his virtual visit and dialogue to the Brothers of La Salle Sampran Formation House in Thailand from February 15-16, 2021. This new normal situation made the visit more interesting and reflective for the Brothers, as the community is reminded to embrace the changes brought by the pandemic and the changes of living with diverse community cultures, members, and age groups. The dialogue revolves around the bountiful blessings brought by the Holy Spirit like new hobbies and activities of the Brothers in the formation community that lighten the burdens of Covid19. The Brother Visitor recalls the famous line from various documents of the Institute – “Brothers without Borders”, as the community welcomes Br. Eugene from the Philippines and the four young candidates from different tribes. The Brother Visitor ended the dialogue by thanking the community for their efforts in supporting the young candidates in their formation and for making the community a place to rediscover the beauty of God through nature and the passion of each Brother. (Text & Photo: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC)

Last 18th of January 2020, the 2nd LEAD Initial Formation Board (IFB) gathered for its schedule meeting at La Salle College in Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand. Ms. Coreen and Brs. Nicholas, Rey, Joseph Klong, Joseph Aung, and Antonio started working of the agenda of the meeting.

During the meeting, the IFB worked in advancing the elaboration of the LEAD Guidelines as well as the Parmenie Program Guidelines for the Brothers who are preparing for Final Vows. After the Chapter of Vows done by the District Council in Hong Kong, the IFB reflected on the commendations and recommendations done during the evaluation of the communities as well as those expressed by the DC members. In particular, the team determined how this feedback could be integrated into formation activities and evaluation formats for this year. More information will be provided in due time to the Brothers in the District.

The afternoon was dedicated to meet the young Brothers working in Thailand. Among the 9 young Brothers, 5 were able to participate. The rest, due to their master degree studies, were not able to participate since their classes are on Saturdays and Sundays.

The first part of the gathering was dedicated to know each other or catch up for those who were familiar which each other. Sharing vocation stories and new years resolutions helped create the right environment for the last part of the meeting. The last part of the meeting was a dialogue where these three aspects were the main content: 1) sharing positive experiences in ministry, 2) identifying positive practices that increase identity as LEAD District, and 3) identifying elements that facilitate working in other sectors of LEAD.  Among the elements that facilitate working in the different sectors of LEAD is the importance of accompaniment for the young Brother assigned in a particular community and the role of the Director of the community in the accompaniment as well as the importance of welcoming communities. Also, defining what is the role and work of the Brother in the assignment in another sector will facilitate that transition. 

The IFB expressed their gratitude to the Brothers’ Community at La Salle School in Bangkok, the Provincialate for hosting both gatherings and their warm welcoming of the IFB members, and the Young Brothers working in Thailand for their fraternal and meaningful sharing.



As we are about to close the 300 years of the death of our founder St. John Bassist de La Salle, La Salle Chotiravi Nakhonswan School led by Brother Eugene Prapas FSC school director, together  with school administrators and school staff have organized a Mini Marathon for the alumni, students, school staff and general people. The number of the participants in this event is approximately 5,000 people. This Mini Marathon was provided two groups; 5 kilometers and 10 kilometers.  

This event allowed us to be one and join hands to realize about health concern and the most important issue is to support the Lasallian educational projects for the youth especially for the poor in the sector of Thailand. 

Many thanks to very sector for making this project occur true and end up with the impression of those who have participated in this event and very thankful to all Brothers especially Bro. Eugene Prapas FSC, school director who was the head making this Mini Marathon happening and come true. (Bro.Niran Suksankrasin FSC)



THAILAND - La Salle Bangna's Teachers Football Team, headed by Mr. Thaweesak Mekruab, and the Brothers community organizes a friendly football game to show the importance of sports, health, and camaraderie amongst the Brothers, teachers, staff, pre-postulants, alumni, and some guests. The football game took place on June 25, 2022, at La Salle Bangna’s football ground in Bangkok.

The LA SALLE Team, which comprised the Brothers, teachers, and pre-postulants, played against THE GUESTS Team, which included the alumni and some guests. Mr. Sarayut Shaikumdee, a former football player from Thailand National Team, and Mr. Naphat Shurijiytree, a famous Thai local comedian, were also present to grace the event. The one-hour and 30 minutes game ended with a 6-3 score in favor of the LA SALLE Team. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC; Photos: La Salle Bangna)

THAILAND - The Lasallian family in Thailand remembers the greatness of the deceased La Salle Brothers and Sisters as they committed their lives to the Lasallian mission till the end of their earthly journey through a solemn prayer service at La Salle Bangna - Chapel on the afternoon of June 25, 2022. The prayer service is also in remembrance of the first death anniversary of Br. Victor Gil FSC, a missionary Brother who worked in Thailand for a long time. Aside from Br. Victor Gil Munoz FSC, Brs., Breden Feeney, Salvator Pi, Joseph Mertz, Joseph Van Khoi, Victor Bu, David Ogle, Sebastian Chareon, Sister Mary Maree Chindahandamrong, and Sister Anna Bernadette Thanya Suetrong are honored and remembered on this occasion. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC; Photos: La Salle Bangna)

THAILAND - The 2nd Senior Brothers and Sisters Recollection was held on January 15, 2022. It was facilitated by Fr. Roch Pairat Sriprasert M.I., the provincial of the Camillians in Thailand, who is also the Chair of Catholic Elder Network Committee. His sharing was about holistic health for aging, sacred people in old age, and St. Pope John Paul II’s letter to the elderly 1999. He ended with Harvard's 20 characteristics of a happy person. Big thanks to the 2 young Brothers, Br. Matthew and Br. Benedict, who accompanied the Seniors in leading the morning praise and taking photos during the recollection. (Text & Photos: Br. Pichit Wecharak FSC)

THAILAND – The Brothers community is now Covid-19 free and secure! After being gone from the community for two months due to Covid-19 infection and recovery, La Salle Sampran Brothers and candidates enthusiastically greet Br. Kan with a costume party. The entire community gets together with enjoyable activities such as games and karaoke, cook special food, and dress up as in their favorite movie or as Halloween characters. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC; Photos: Br. Stephen Pichit Wedcharak FSC)


THAILAND - Sports is a magical medicine because it creates wonders for our holistic health.

This year from 7-9 December, the La Salle Nakhonsawan School led by Br. Eugene Prapas FSC organized sports activities for students from kindergarten to senior high school students. Participation in the event aimed to cater to their interests and showcase their abilities. Furthermore, the activity enabled students to create a good relationship among each other, to spend their free times usefully, and to keep them physically and mentally healthy. These are the main purposes that highlight the importance for students to have sports days.

Moreover, for this occasion the school has organized a special football match between the young Thai Brothers and the young male teachers.

With the help of sports, let us keep our minds, hearts, and bodies healthy in this time of crisis and uncertain situation.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance to all Lasallians! (Text & Photos: Br. John Niran Suksankrasin FSC)

THAILAND - Thais across the country showed their respect to His Majesty King Bhumibol the Great by building up merit for their beloved monarch, who passed away four years ago and left behind his priceless legacy to the Kingdom of Thailand

People from all corners of the country made merit, did good deeds, volunteered to engage in public work, or gave away free food as their way of honouring the memory of beloved King Rama IX.

The late King demonstrated doing good deeds for the Kingdom to the entire country and never stopped working for the benefit of all Thais.

The beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej's passing on 13 October 2016 brought unity among Thailand's population and embraced their common love for the King, whose generosity, self-sacrifice, wisdom, and grace had touched the hearts of all Thais.

Today, we, La Salle Nakhonsawan Brothers led by Br. Eugene Prapas FSC, the director of the school, teachers, school staff and together with all students showed our gratitude and commemorated our beloved King who was the father of all Thais. (Text & Photos: Br. John Niran Suksankrasin FSC)

THAILAND - On October 18-27, 2021, the De La Salle Brothers of Thailand were invited to teach in the Vocation Camp at Chiang Rai Province. Chiang Rai is the new diocese of the North that has been separated from Chiang Mai Diocese. About 200 children live in the Camillian Center, Chiang Rai.

The Brothers accepted the invitation and assigned the Vocations Committee to take responsibility in promoting the Lasallian Vocations. It is an opportunity to introduce the De La Salle Brothers, the Founder, the Institute and its mission to the children and the youth since they still do not know the Brothers and the Lasallian Mission.

The Brothers who went were warmly welcomed by the organization team. The children and the youth at the Camillian Center, Chiang Rai were delighted to know the Brothers as well. During the Vocation Camp, the Brothers and the 3 Juniors taught catechism in the morning, life skills in the afternoon, and prayers in the evening.

It was a good opportunity to build a new bridge for people to come in and get to know the Brothers more through the work of the Vocations Committee of Thailand. Working together with the different Religious and the Local Churches is a new dimension of promoting Lasallian Vocations. Holding a camp and spending time immersing with the young at their level is a way of touching hearts. (Text & Photos: Br. Philip Bancha Pichitpraipana FSC)

As part of the Tercentenary celebration, the Thailand Sector organised a seminar for new teachers who are part of the Lasallian Mission from 2015-2019. There were 107 new teachers who came together at La Salle School Bangkok on 5-6 October 2019. The theme of the seminar was “One Dream, One Team, One La Salle.” Br. Peter Boonchert FSC shared on the history of La Salle Schools in Thailand, while Br. Eugene Prapas FSC talked about the 12 Virtues of a good teacher. The main speaker was Mr. Warin Chaiaphabul, who focused on the main theme. We pray that this seminar will help the new teachers understand the Lasallian Mission in Thailand and continue teaching minds, touching hearts, and transforming lives. (Text & Photos: Br. John Pongpat FSC)





THAILAND - The De La Salle Brothers in Thailand joined the Sisters of the Lovers of the Cross in a Green Mission. As Pope Francis calls for ecological citizenship through his letter, Laudato Si, the religious brothers, priests, and sisters work together to spread awareness of zero waste management in a momentous event by the Sisters of the Lovers of the Cross as they celebrate their 350th Anniversary in Thailand.

More than 500 Sisters of the Lovers of the Cross from Los Angles, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand and 300 other participants attended the event in Ayutthaya.

Br. Stephen Pichit FSC represented the De La Salle Brothers in taking part in environmental conservation as he works in the Care of the World committee. He assisted Sr. Agnes Kanlaya SHB, the chair of the “Care for the World” project of the Association of Major Religious Superiors in Thailand, in the said program. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC; Photos: Br. Stephen Pichit FSC)

THAILAND - La Salle Chotiravi Nakhon Sawan community, the De La Salle Brothers, Catholic teachers, and students share the spirit of Christmas by giving joy and early Christmas greetings to the bishop, the old diocese priests, and the Carmelite sisters.

This simple event, held on December 6, 2022, is yet another way to thank the bishop, elderly priests, and Carmelite sisters for their unwavering support of the Lasallian mission in Nakhon Sawan. (La Salle Nakhonsawan Official Facebook Page)

In February I had the opportunity to visit the La Salle Bamboo School, Sangkhlaburi, Thailand. After a lengthy six plus hour ride from the Bangkok airport to the Bamboo School, I was warmly welcomed by the Brothers, the teachers and the students. While most of them know very little to no English, communication was established immediately and the warmth of their welcome was felt and experienced throughout the week. The purpose of the visit was to bring funds from the 1911 Community to help in some of the schools’ urgent needs, and to return to Manila with a list of further needs, allowing the 1911 Community determine to what degree it can be of further help in the future. The students at this school are from families that have been displaced in their homeland, with no identity papers, no citizenship, not wanted by the Myanmar government, and not helped by the Thai government. More on that later in this article.


A little history and information about the Bamboo School. It was started by four Thai women and set up at the Myanmar (Burma) border in 2008. Instruction was for young, especially kinder age children. Eventually the La Salle Brothers were invited to come in and start administrating the school. Once it was decided to expand the school to include grades up to and including grade six, a new location had to be found, since a concrete style building could not be built at the Thai/Burmese border. A site, about a ten minute ride from the border was found, and is now the location of a school from Kinder through grades six, the present enrollment being around 500 students. The original Bamboo School building is still the site of Kinder, Pre Kinder, and even Pre Pre Kinder students, about 80 of them. While mentioning Kinder children, there are some whose ages go up to 11 or 12. In the grade school classes, some ages of the children are in the high teens approaching 20. Virtually all of the students are from Myanmar, crossing the border each school day morning and returning each evening. These children are almost all undocumented, meaning they have no birth certificate, and no citizenship. Little, if any, help is offered these children in Myanmar. In Thailand, their education is tolerated but not supported in any way by the Thai government. That support is available only for documented children, a lengthy task undertaken by the Brothers and the school for all the children, but a task which rarely ends with success in getting documentation. The parents of these children also cross the border, working in the rubber plantations located nearby. Some parents have even found the ability to establish a home in Thailand, but for the most part, are too poor to have the wife go into a hospital to give birth, so their children, while technically Thai citizens, remain undocumented since they do not have birth certificates. Because of the poverty of all of these families, there is no tuition charged. Funding must be found for all of the school operations. The children must be fed, teacher salaries, school building repairs, computers, just the ordinary expenses of maintaining school buildings, all must be funded from groups outside the country. While many are funded, so many other areas are lacking and need funds.

One of the features of the school is the Blue Sky building, a dormitory for orphans and unwanted/abandoned children. Presently there are 32 girls in the dormitory. They surprised us with a dinner one evening. Since they are there day and night, additional programs are available for them, especially further English classes, so these girls were able to converse in English to some extent.

As one walked around with the help of people at the school, I couldn’t help but observe the computer room, full of computers, but then found out that more than half were not working. In the school canteen, the stove used to cook and heat up food, was not functioning. In the Blue Ski building, the washing machine was not working. Increasing the number of toilets in the various areas in the school is a high priority. School uniforms are needed. Additional food, oh my these children are hungry.

Considering all of the financial limitations, it is amazing what kind of work is being done for all these children, giving them hope for the future, helping them get into grades seven and up, and while the outlook as far as college education seems so low, work is constantly done to get these young people that opportunity also. Anything to help give these children a brighter future. For any who want to help, a visit will do more than any writing like this. Visit and open your heart to these lovely children. And give to this great charity work of the Brothers in Thailand, in the LEAD District.