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111 Years of responding "Yes, Bro!" to Christ!
111 Years since the arrival of the De La Salle Brothers in the Philippines!

We celebrate this milestone by praying for and thanking each and every one of you for being part of our Lasallian journey in the Philippines.

May this milestone be a moment of grace and thanksgiving, reminding us of God's ever-present love through Jesus Christ who has always been, always is, and always will be living in our hearts, FOREVER!

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HONG KONG – The String Orchestra and the Chinese Orchestra of La Salle Primary School (LSPS) have captured a Gold Award and a Silver Award respectively in the 2021 Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows. The String Ensemble performed the set piece named “Hungarian Dance No. 5” by Johannes Brahms and arranged by Merle J. Isaac. The Chinese Ensemble performed the piece of own choice named “塔塔爾民歌” arranged by Mr. Ng Chiu Shing.

Even in times of difficulty, the two teams continue to strive. In the past two years, the orchestras have been practicing virtually over Zoom, where students had to take turns playing for one another. This year, the competitions ran in a video submission mode due to the epidemic situation and the control measures in force. Following the guidelines by the Education Bureau, the orchestras were finally able to rehearse synchronously in person before the competitions. Despite all the challenges and limitations, the performances by the two ensembles were nevertheless praiseworthy. Students have shown remarkable perseverance and resilience throughout their music practices and performances under the epidemic, and they have once again proven that their enthusiasm for music is unbreakable. (Text & Photos: Ms. Chandni Rakesh - LSPS Principal)

Senior String Orchestra.jpg

JAPAN – On March 4, 2022, 94 Lasallian Partners from Japan (57 from Kagoshima and 37 from Hakodate) and four Brothers currently assigned in the sector participated in a year-end Lasallian Formation session. The invited speakers were Br. Jorge Gallardo FSC and Br. Gustavo Ramirez FSC who addressed the group virtually from Rome and Mexico.

Br. Gustavo made a concise presentation on the recent document on the Identity Criteria for the Vitality of Lasallian Educational Ministries. He presented the different sections showing how Lasallian schools can develop in order to fulfill their mission. Br. Jorge continued with sharing his reflection on how the Lasallian education today must build “new paths” which transforms the lives of our students and of others, especially the poor in our societies and communities. He reminded the participants that the founder was an innovator of his time and invited the Lasallian partners in Japan to follow suit. With a strong sense of the fraternal spirit, support and discipline, the Lasallian partners in Japan can overcome the challenges of the Lasallian Educational Mission today and in the future.

We thank Br. Jorge and Br. Gustavo for initiating these conversations and reflections for the Lasallian Partners and Brothers in Japan. As we celebrate soon the 90 years of Lasallian Presence in Japan, we remember and continue to draw inspiration from the excellent contributions made by the first Brothers and Lasallian Partners in Japan. We look forward to working with hope to another 90 years of providing quality human and Christian education for the youth in Japan. (Text: Br. Nico Mariano FSC; Photos: Br. Antonio Cubillas FSC)

MALAYSIA – The teachers and students of St Francis’ Institution (SFI), Malacca organised a grand ‘Retirement Ceremony’ as befits a person who has spent 19 years of her 35 years as an educator in her Alma Mater.

Present at the farewell ceremony held in the school quadrangle on February 14, 2022 were members of the school Board of Governors, Parent-Teacher Association, teachers, Old Boys Associations (St Francis’ Association and Franciscan Club Kuala Lumpur).

The La Salle Mission Authority was represented by Br David Liao as Br Director, Br Ambrose Loke was unwell. Many students were not able to attend due to the Covid-19 SOPs.

Dato Ronald Gan, Chairman of SFI Parent-Teacher Association described Vivienne as a passionate educator. “She is more than a teacher to the students. She is also like a mother to them. She always advised parents to pay attention to their children’s studies. Her aspiration is for students to do well in whatever they do.”

Br David Liao thanked Vivienne for her dedicated service as a Lasallian Educator. “You have retired as a Principal of the school but you don’t retire as an educator. Meanwhile, take a well deserved rest. We hope you will still be able to contribute towards La Salle Education Mission”. Br David, on behalf of La Salle Brothers of Malaysia and LEAD (La Salle East Asia District), also presented her with a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ and a souvenir for her service rendered towards the Lasallian Mission.

Her parting words to the teachers and students, “Live up to the school motto: ‘Age Quod Agis’ ‘Whatever you do, do it well’. Specially to the teachers, ‘Teaching is your chosen profession. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. So be optimistic. Enjoy your career and be happy always.”

With BOG David etc
With representatives from Board of Governors, PTA, Br David Liao, Old Boys’ Associations and Headmaster of SFI Primary, Edie Gan

Br David Liao
Br. David Liao presented Ms. Vivienne with a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ and a souvenir for her service rendered towards the Lasallian Mission

A dinner was held at Ames Hotel, Ayer Keroh to celebrate her 60th birthday on February 24, 2022. It was well attended by her former colleagues from Sekolah Tinggi Cina Melaka (Chinese High School), former and present teachers from SFI, members of the school Board of Governors, Parent- Teacher Association, teachers, members of the Old Boys Associations (St Francis’ Association, Malacc aand Franciscan Club Kuala Lumpur).

Vivienne first came to SFI in 1980 as a Form Six student. The Brother Director/Principal then was the late Br Harold Reynolds. She was inspired by Br Harold’s role as an educator of ‘Teaching Minds, Touching Hearts and Transforming Lives’. She vowed to be an educator like him.


Yong Kheng Kwang accompanied by Dato Ronald Gan, Chairman of PTA and representatives of the teachers, presented a souvenir to Vivienne Cheon

She went to study ‘Humanities with Education’ at the University of Science, Malaysia and began her teaching career in 1987.

In 1995, Vivienne came back to SFI to teach and was promoted to Senior Assistant of Co-curriculum in 2007. In 2011, she was transferred to Sekolah Tinggi Cina Melaka on promotion as Senior Assistant of Student’s Affairs. In 2014, she was promoted as Principal in that same school.

Soon after her short stint there, her fervent wish to come back to SFI became a reality. On July 22, 2019, SFI officially welcomed Vivienne as the first female Principal.

During her stint as Principal of SFI, she ensured that the main cultural festivals like Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Deepavali and Christmas were celebrated in a big way. This was to allow students and teachers alike to learn, understand and respect the culture of the various races in Malaysia. She also fostered a caring culture between the teachers and students. All activities and programs organised by the school were recorded for remembrance which will also be beneficial for future reference.

“I never thought that this day – my retirement - will come. I am happy that I retire in SFI, my Alma Mater. Once a Lasallian, always a Lasallian.” (Text & Photos: Mr. James Sia)

PHILIPPINES – The participants of the Brothers Live-In Program (BLIP) from La Salle Academy - Iligan visited their neighbor, La Salle University - Ozamiz, as part of their five- day program where they learned more about the De La Salle Brothers. The two Lasallian communities stopped by a few scenic spots near Ozamiz including a visit to LSU’s farm, La Ferme de La Salle. After hearty meals and scenic tours around the university and the city, the BLIPers, aspirants, and Brothers partook in several games of badminton. In one day, the Lasallians took part in companionship, immersion, and learning with their neighboring school. Also, the Brothers surely had a lot of fun as Brothers Ivan and Henry from Iligan reunited with Brothers Butch, Jeano, JJ, Mario, and Vince.

To get a deeper look at the experiences of the live-inners, let’s hear from each one of them:

Ethan, 19, said that his most memorable moment was beating Br. Jeano in badminton. This was for sure the most memorable to him because from the start of the BLIP, Ethan also promised that he would beat Br. Henry in soccer!

Al, 18, a photography and videography enthusiast, surely had a lot of fun capturing the scenic spots around the city. In his letter to the Brothers, he thanks the ‘charming gardeners who made my soul blossom.’

RL, a 19-year-old student athlete, also commented that he enjoyed the trip because he felt welcomed and “that was very fun and memorable for me.” He sums his experience up in this statement: “My experience in joining BLIP was very memorable and enjoyable because the Brothers are so very approachable and kind.”

Nate, 19, and the only college student from the four, found that being back in a Lasallian community was most memorable for him. He is now in university, so going back to his roots was special for him. Truly, there is nothing like the Lasallian culture and community.

One day wasn’t enough for these Lasallians to get to know each other. One day wasn’t enough for sports and memorable conversations. But one day– nay, one moment– was enough to sense that we all share one Lasallian spirit. (Text: Nathaniel Capistrano - Live-Inner; Photos: Br. Butch Alcudia FSC)

MALAYSIA– Find out what transpired in St. Xavier’s Institution in the month of February 2022. Click the image to view the short video on YouTube.

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Perapong Final Vows

SINGAPORE – Join our Lasallian family as we celebrate the 170th Anniversary of the Brothers’ Arrival in Asia on the 29th March 2022! See poster for details. You may also click on the poster to bring you to the YouTube livestream page.



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Dawn of Hope

I was coping with losing Mama when I got a call from a Couples for Christ family who adopted me like an eldest son. Mommy Lally told me that she had a gift for me and assured me I would love it. She told me to visit their house (where I used to live for 2 years before joining the Brothers) and check out the gift. So when I visited them, Daddy Didi and Mommy Lally showed me their gift: a tiny black lab. I was so happy with the gift. She was born early in the morning of December 8, 2020. I named her, Dawn.

She had to stay with them until she was ready for rehoming. Unfortunately, she had to be hospitalized due to canine parvovirus. Thank God she survived. And true to her nature, she’s a source of hope for me and I can say the Brothers Community too. She’s playful and intelligent. Occasionally, she wrecks stuff here and there but she also knows when I am upset or when she did something not right.

Dawn loves visitors. She welcomes them with much gusto. The campus is her playground whenever it is the weekend. I’m thankful to the Escudero family for Dawn. She reminds me of what hope is: when cared for, it will grow. Just like our faith. Just like our vocation.