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PHILIPPINES – Last January 30, on the Feast Day of St. Mutien Marie-Wiaux, Br. Abet King Pia FSC professed his final vows as a De La Salle Brother at the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Chapel in De La Salle University – Dasmariñas (DLSUD). Br. Abet, who took his undergraduate degree in Education at DLSUD, is the first among its alumni to be a perpetually professed Brother.

The Celebration of the Holy Eucharist was presided by Fr. Reinier Dumaop, the University Chaplain of DLSUD and Fr. Daniel Polzer, the Chaplain of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute. The event was also livestreamed through the De La Salle Brothers of the Philippines Facebook page.

Br. Armin Luistro FSC, Brother Visitor, accepted Br. Abet’s final vows and was witnessed by his religious sponsors, Brothers Victor Franco and Vince Fernandez.

In his Shared Reflection, Br. Armin said, “Not everyone in your generation can choose forever. Some respectfully decline Christ’s offer, to give up all that they possess. But for those of you who choose forever, the portal to a new world is opened, beyond one’s obsession to know oneself is the mission to be a person for others.

Abet, today, you have chosen to join, Generation We. For the past 8 years, you have shared in our Lasallian vocation, in our identity and lived our Brotherhood and you have seen the best of us and the worst in us. You have given yourself as best you could even if it was hurting deep down. You persevered with the thought that this is where you are called even if there was very little proof to support your gut feel. Today you are ready to embrace for the rest of your life the totality of your commitment to the Lord and the community of our fragile brotherhood.“

Br. Abet said in his response, “As I was rereading all my letters for renewal of vows I realized that amidst all the fears brought by different circumstances, I see courage in one common decision that is made out of love. That is to say YES to God’s invitation for me to continue as a Brother in the form of those requests. I am always free not to choose this life, but deep in my heart this is where I know I can share my gifts more, how I can share myself more with others. This is the way of life where I can better serve God.”

Before the end of the mass, a special prayer and a plaque of appreciation for Br. Abet’s parents were offered in recognition of their family’s generosity. The celebrant was also thankful to the administration of De La Salle University – Dasmariñas, especially to Br. Marvin Sipin for overseeing the preparations for the event, and the Central House Administration. (Text: Br. Aikee Esmeli FSC; Photos: DLSP CORE)

MYANMAR – On the evening of January 9, Sunday, a prayer service was held in Maymyo chapel to introduce the four candidates to the Lasallian Initial Formation Come and See Program - Polycarp, Paul, Terence, and Francis. The Brothers in the community were present. At the end of the prayer service, Br. Noel gave a talk to welcome the four individuals. The formation staff is composed of Brothers Noel, Lucas Ah Do, Lawrence, and Hilary. The program with a prepared timetable began the following day, January 10, Monday. (Text & Photos: Br. Lucas Ah Do FSC)

THAILAND – On the western border of Thailand, the pandemic has prevented students from crossing the border to receive medical care, vaccination, and lessons at La Salle Sangkhlaburi and Bamboo School.

Our teachers organized a special mission to bring the mobile classroom, school milk, and a small amount of money from the government to the hands of students and parents at the border. The teachers met with the families at the military security checkpoint called “Bann Bor Yi-Pun” (a historical Japanese army camp since WWII) and sugarcane plantations site at the Three Pagodas Pass in Myanmar.

The job was successfully done with the support from the military, who took care of the teachers’ safety while working in the area. (Text & Photos: Br. Danai Kingkan FSC)

THAILAND – On the opening day of the school, the teachers and students were screened for COVID-19 with ATK test kits for their own safety. Thank you Mr. Carl Oppenborn for donating ATK testing kits to La Salle Bamboo School. (Text: Br. Raphael Tanet Lertwaja FSC; Photos: Ms. Thaweerap Chaowicha - Bamboo School Teacher)

In our second episode of ABCDAY (Aspirants, Brothers, & Contacts Day), let’s take a look at these 4 young men namely Louie, Franky, Pafsy & Neil of what it means to be an Aspirant.

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By Holy Infancy Brothers' Community (HIBC) & Brothers, Aspirants, Contacts, and Discerners (BACOD) - Iligan


Excerpts from the Article:

MALAYSIA - Brother Patrick’s recent visit to St. Joseph’s (SJIIM) in Malaysia was first and foremost about re-establishing the De La Salle Brothers’ presence in the school. The pleasure of students, staff and parents was palpable as Brother Patrick greeted the community daily on their arrival to school and at dismissal time. Children who normally rush in shyly with a hurried ‘good morning’ stopped deliberately to speak to Brother Patrick and he got to know quite a few in his short visit. (Text & Photos: Mr. Tony Lai)

Full Article: https://www.lasalle-lead.org/ lead-stories/br-patrick-tierneys-visit-sjiim

PHILIPPINES – We walk the talk!

We are very proud to have been awarded a Level IV PAASCU accreditation, the highest accreditation status that is given to a tertiary program. Having a Level IV accreditation gives us full autonomy of the HRIM programs.

Moreover, we are also one of the few schools that have been conferred as a Center of Excellence in HRIM by CHED, which means that we continuously demonstrate excellent performance in the areas of instruction, research and publication, extension and linkages and institutional qualifications. (Benilde School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management - SHRIM Official Facebook Page)

#SHRIM25ASilverLining #PAASCULevelIVAccredited #CHEDCenterofExcellence

Find out more: https://www.benilde.edu.ph/academics/shrim.html

Congratulations, Br. Kino Escolano FSC, for graduating Master of Information Technology in Business in Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore. #TakeTheLEAD

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole France


May 25: On my way back home from school, I saw Br. Sockie a block away from the house. It’s unusual for him to stand at that corner, I was about to offer him a ride when he said that as he was walking by, he saw stray dogs attacking 2 kittens in that area. He stood there to make sure that the dogs did not come back and attack them again. I went home to get a box and a towel to rescue the kittens but unfortunately, when I checked on the other one, it was already dead.

I carried the remaining kitten home, fed him, and named him Walnut (since the other cat was named Peanut).

Walnut is more than just an ordinary pet, he’s a fighter and a survivor, trying to protect his sibling from danger. He is also a source of sanity and joy (despite the play scratches) in this pandemic world we are in now.

Rescue is not just a verb. It’s a promise.

I’m sure there are more animals out there whose lives will be changed if there are people willing to adopt and rescue them.

The animals we save - often end up saving us.