From The Academy To The University

LEAD Story 381

PHILIPPINES – The participants of the Brothers Live-In Program (BLIP) from La Salle Academy - Iligan visited their neighbor, La Salle University - Ozamiz, as part of their five- day program where they learned more about the De La Salle Brothers. The two Lasallian communities stopped by a few scenic spots near Ozamiz including a visit to LSU’s farm, La Ferme de La Salle. After hearty meals and scenic tours around the university and the city, the BLIPers, aspirants, and Brothers partook in several games of badminton. In one day, the Lasallians took part in companionship, immersion, and learning with their neighboring school. Also, the Brothers surely had a lot of fun as Brothers Ivan and Henry from Iligan reunited with Brothers Butch, Jeano, JJ, Mario, and Vince.

To get a deeper look at the experiences of the live-inners, let’s hear from each one of them:

Ethan, 19, said that his most memorable moment was beating Br. Jeano in badminton. This was for sure the most memorable to him because from the start of the BLIP, Ethan also promised that he would beat Br. Henry in soccer!

Al, 18, a photography and videography enthusiast, surely had a lot of fun capturing the scenic spots around the city. In his letter to the Brothers, he thanks the ‘charming gardeners who made my soul blossom.’

RL, a 19-year-old student athlete, also commented that he enjoyed the trip because he felt welcomed and “that was very fun and memorable for me.” He sums his experience up in this statement: “My experience in joining BLIP was very memorable and enjoyable because the Brothers are so very approachable and kind.”

Nate, 19, and the only college student from the four, found that being back in a Lasallian community was most memorable for him. He is now in university, so going back to his roots was special for him. Truly, there is nothing like the Lasallian culture and community.

One day wasn’t enough for these Lasallians to get to know each other. One day wasn’t enough for sports and memorable conversations. But one day– nay, one moment– was enough to sense that we all share one Lasallian spirit. (Text: Nathaniel Capistrano - Live-Inner; Photos: Br. Butch Alcudia FSC)