Affiliation Of Mrs. Lourdes Hiponia

LEAD Story 345

PHILIPPINES - On 21 October 2020, the De La Salle Brothers conferred on Mrs. Lourdes Hiponia the Letter of Affiliation signed by Br. Robert Schieler FSC, Superior General of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

The Letter and title of AFSC are given to Mrs. Hiponia in recognition of her unfailing devotion and support for the Brothers and for the educational work in the Philippine Lasallian family that she has manifested for so many years.

The De La Salle Brothers of Bacolod and the wider Lasallian community of Negros Occidental would not be the same without the dedication of Mrs. Hiponia. She is a living legacy, and without doubt, has become our Brother/Sister in the Lasallian Mission.

Congratulations to our very dear Brother, Br. Lourdes Hiponia AFSC! (Text & Photos: Br. Mico de Leon FSC)


From the Special Resolution for Mrs. Lourdes Hiponia for Affiliation to the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools:

Last December 2019 at the annual St. Joseph High School La Salle Alumni Homecoming, two retired faculty members gave their messages, Mrs. Lourdes Hiponia and Mr. Noel Lariza. Both held their ground before many alumni who have by this time become more interested in their reunion rather than what these two teachers could share. Lourdes, true to her training as a Lasallian teacher, went down the stage and shared her reflections on the occasion, highlighting her deep concern for the alumni as well as the joy in seeing them again. Her spontaneous and deep connection with the alumni of St. Joseph School – La Salle while speaking was observed.

Lourdes is the epitome of a Lasallian educator, at her age her words were well articulated, sensible, and clear despite the large audience gathered to celebrate that night. Her message to the alumni that night reflected what she always spoke about and lived for in her active days as teacher and later administrator: Faith, Service and Communion in Mission. This message of hers that night definitely stood out and was louder than the noise of the celebration. It is indeed clear that in whatever situation Lourdes finds herself in, with confidence and conviction, she is able to share the Lasallian spirit and values in a way that does not impose on nor reject local culture but respects and accommodates without compromising the said spirituality and values.

Lourdes had been most loyal to St. Joseph High School-La Salle most of her life, dedicating her energies beyond retirement to work for the alumni and advancement offices with a heart for the poor and underprivileged students, teachers and staff of St. Joseph High School-La Salle. It would not be a surprise for the Lasallian family, especially the Brothers, if she would willingly have volunteered to help out in other schools if she would have been given the opportunity to do so.

Lourdes, being a mother, her language and manner of relating with everyone clearly expresses a nurturing, caring, and compassionate heart even when at times they are challenged by long established policies.

Lourdes’ devotion to Mother Mary is well known through her strong support for the Marian Missionaries of the Holy Cross which has many local chapters in the entire Metro Bacolod, promoting Marian devotion to both private and public schools.