Lipa Pastoral Visit

LEAD Story 325

I spent the last few days of January 2020 visiting the Community of Brothers at Lipa. First, I was fortunate to be able to go together with the Community to DLSU for DLS Philippines Management Board annual meeting where they welcomed new Board members, reported on the year’s work and interacted with a keynote speaker.

I appreciated a tour of the integrated schools and university which are all geared towards sustainable development and all parts WiFi-ed.

Celine was the tour guide, Dfezie was the overview presenter, and Haidee, principal of the integrated school, presented the school highlights. Haidee also called parent representatives for sharing. Their online interaction with the school is impressive.


A major highlight was a visit to the ‘Welcome Shelters’ on the campus for those families who had been evacuated after the Taal volcano eruption. This decision by the school authorities was a leap of faith and love, for they could not foresee all the implications and could not be sure of raising enough funds. Their faith was rewarded and donations in cash and kind and service poured in. It was also a marvelous opportunity for the stakeholders, including students, to serve on their doorstep.

The day I visited was departure day for most of the families, a day of happiness tinged with sadness at leaving a place that had welcomed them so generously.

Well done, the Brothers of Lipa. (Text: Br. Pat Tierney FSC; Photos: Ms. Celine Francisco)