Blessing Of St. John Baptist De La Salle Chapel In Pasil

LEAD Story 361

In 2005, the Lasallian Community in the Philippines was made aware of a humble chapel in honor of St. John Baptist de La Salle located in the mountain rice fields of Kalinga province, north of Manila. Through Br. Mawel Pajarillo FSC and Mr. Hector Gloria, a more formal relationship was further established and a plan to build a formal chapel was set in the works. As part of this renewed effort to reconnect, four Brothers traversed the mountains of Cordillera in April 2018 to participate in the simple commemoration of the Founder’s feast and to gift the community with the Founder’s statue that was donated by De La Salle Lipa. In March 2019, Br. Armin Luistro FSC visited the community and formalized the partnership with the Apostolic Vicariate of Tabuk through Bp. Prudencio “Jun” Andaya CICM. A new proposed design for the reconstruction of the Chapel of St. John Baptist de La Salle in Pasil was submitted by the Parish Priest, Fr. Jeorge Manisem with inputs from Bp. Jun. Since then, the call for donations for the chapel spread like wildfire and the Philippine Lasallian Family was able to raise the target amount of Php5.1 million.

On the blessing of the chapel, the Brother Visitor thought it would be appropriate to join the community and its partners on that very special day. We will always be reminded of this historic event when we welcomed new members of the Lasallian Family from Pasil, Kalinga. (Text & Photos: Mr. Jyron Raz)