Lasallian Studies Series

LEAD Story 345

PHILIPPINES - La Salle Academy (LSA) opened the extraordinary school year 2020-2021 through distance-learning education. The school and the Holy Infancy Brothers’ Community (HIBC) initiated a new and creative way in delivering and sharing with the Senior High School (SHS) students the essence of being a Lasallian. The Lasallian Studies Series (LSS) program is a non-academic course that is a break from the other subjects. LSS’ main objective is to make sure that all SHS students finishing in LSA will further appreciate the identity, spirituality, mission, and vocation of a Lasallian. The program is divided into four parts and spread out within the entire school year: (1) Who is St. La Salle? (2) Lasallian Spirituality, (3) Lasallian Mission, and (4) Lasallian Saints and Vocation. The HIBC Brothers created and designed each part of the series that can be accessed at any time by the students. Also, the teachers are encouraged to take part and journey with their students in rediscovering their rich Lasallian heritage. (Text & Photo: Br. Henry Gyi FSC)