Canonical Visit To La Salle Bacolod Brothers’ Community

LEAD Story 305

Br. Armin Luistro FSC had his first Canonical Visit as the New Visitor of LEAD with the La Salle Bacolod Brothers’ Community on 21-23 June 2019.

He arrived on Friday night and was met by the Director at the airport and they proceeded to have dinner and personal interview. It was such an fraternal interview that they realized they forgot to pay and Br. Sockie had to rush back to the restaurant and pay the bill! The restaurant staff must have been thinking: These Brothers think they own the city!

The whole of Saturday was dedicated to personal interviews. Most of the community were present. In the evening of Saturday, Brother Visitor attended the graduation of Brs. Butch Alcudia (Philippines) and Joseph Aung (Myanmar) - they finished their masters degree in Educational Leadership.

On Sunday, Brother Visitor met the community for dialogue where he spoke about how the community can participate in new and dynamic programs of the District.

In his letter to the community he wrote:

As I departed from your community yesterday, I sensed that palpable joy was in the air. Maybe the tapas and the sumptuous lunch contributed to that spirit but I knew then that you all felt good sharing our Brotherhood—warts and all—with one another. May you be blessed with that singular joy of discovering that, after the leftover fragments are gathered, your baskets are still miraculously full. (Text: Br. Sockie de la Rosa FSC; Photo: Br. Irwin Climaco FSC)