Prayer For The Burning Amazon Forest

LEAD Story 315

Loving God, the Amazon is on fire!
We come before you with a heavy and contrite heart.
We know Your heart must be deeply grieved
as You hear the cries of the innocent trees, creatures,
rivers and indigenous communities as their home burns.

We pray that in Your mercy, You will forgive us
For our way of life, for we have created the markets
For beef, timber and minerals taken from the Amazon.

We pray that You will forgive those who have set the fires
in the Amazon, those who have cut down the ancient trees,
those who plunder its precious resources,
to fulfill human desire for things.

Oh God, Your mercy is infinite
And only Your power can save us from choosing destruction,
Grant us Your grace to turn to better and kinder ways of living.
Rain down your love to heal the scorched earth and its inhabitants.
May Your love, justice and peace reign for all creation always.

In the name of Your son, Jesus the Christ we pray. Amen.

(Clare Westwood, adapted from the GCCM prayer. Shared by Br. David Hawke FSC)