Wednesdays With La Salle (April 2021)

LEAD Story 359

On 28 April the Lasallian Family in Singapore had another session of Wednesdays with La Salle. This virtual gathering was inspired by the Lasallian Year of St Joseph. Br Paul Mata FSC facilitated the session. Inputs and inspiration were taken from the message of Pope Francis on the World Day of Vocations called “St. Joseph: The Dream of Vocations.” Attendees were from Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. (Text: Br. Paul Mata FSC; Photos: Br. Antonio Cubillas FSC & Mr. Genesius Chan)

Here are some of the reflections from the participants:

“I have always looked forward to WWLS sessions, though I could not attend them all. I finally got to attend one on St Joseph. Firstly, during these times, it is wonderful and refreshing to be able to "gather" with fellow Lasallians from Malaysia and Philippines. One thing that moved me was the way Joseph was open to God's plan. He was attuned to God's voice, just as Barnabas was, when Paul wanted to join the Christians. Secondly, his willingness to change his plans and to take risks, once again like Barnabas who had the courage and took a risk to approach Paul. Listening to fellow Lasallians' sharings, I felt encouraged to be more attuned, to take risks, to go out to serve. From this simple session, I felt community, we do not do the work alone ... together and by association ...” - Mr Genesius Chan, St Joseph’s Institution, Singapore

“The input and sharings are really uplifting and encouraging; I emerged a more vibrant Catechist.”- Ms. Josephine Lee, SMK St Joseph, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

"Even in the midst of difficulties and uncertainties, St. Joseph tirelessly protected Mary and Jesus. He endured all things in silence and with great faith in God. As a Lasallian educator, I am inspired to emulate his dedication as I serve and accompany those entrusted under my care.- Mr. Noel Banawis, La Salle Green Hills, Philippines