We Must Unlearn To Learn

LEAD Story 379

PHILIPPINES - During a pandemic when businesses struggle to keep afloat, many private schools that operate as enterprises strive even more due to poor enrollment. In the current school year, as much as 865 private schools faced closures due to low enrollment and the inability to meet requirements to conduct distance learning. School closure affects not just teachers and school employees but also ancillary businesses that rely on school operations. Could educational institutions that implement a variety of modular, blended and distance learning also become sustainable even during a health crisis? What should schools unlearn and learn instead to adapt and create opportunities to thrive?

In our third Sustainable Talks we invite you to learn these and more from the President of De La Salle Lipa, Br. Dante Amisola, F.S.C. De La Salle Lipa is a Silver S . T . A . R . S . rated institution by the Association for the Advancement o f Sustainability in Higher Education, the first school to be recognized as such in the Philippines. (Studio 5 Designs Official Facebook Page)