The Bro Diaries

LEAD Story 383

Archers Network, in collaboration with the Vocations Ministry Office of the De La Salle Brothers Philippines and the Student Media Office, present The Bro Diaries. Click on the images to view the episodes on YouTube.

EPISODE 2: We are always given the opportunity to cultivate our routines to be in service of God and other people.
In the second episode of ‘The Bro Diaries,’ catch a glimpse of how Br. Henry Gyi FSC from Myanmar utilizes his time productively to fulfill his duties both as a student and as a De La Salle Brother in the La Salle Academy - Iligan.

EPISODE 3: Are you ready to experience learning in another country?
In this episode of ‘The Bro Diaries,’ we follow Br. Eugene De Luna's daily routine at Mahidol University and see how he uncovers new knowledge on the cultures and traditions of Thailand.

EPISODE 4: Ever wondered what it’s like to be a BrOFW a.k.a. an Overseas Brother
In this episode of The Bro Diaries, Br. Arian shares what it’s like to continue the Lasallian Mission that he started in the Philippines to other countries around the world.

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