‘Dude, Pantry, Chong’: How A Meme Sparked The Lasallian Community Pantry

LEAD Story 361

Excerpts from the Article:

PHILIPPINES - It all started with a meme in the “Big Four Trashtalkan” Facebook group. In the photo, a community pantry was superimposed in front of De La Salle University (DLSU) and the caption imagined that products like Kirkland strawberries and Ritz were being given away.

After 3,000 reactions and over 400 affirmative comments, we got the ball rolling. We pitched the idea to our social arm Center for Social Concern and Action (Cosca) and the DLSU administration. We—alumni reps, students, Cosca, DLSU-University Student Government and the school administration—did a Zoom call and launched the pantry Friday of that same week.

“Dude, Pantry, Chong”—The Taft Times Community Pantry was born three days after I lifted the meme. The name shows just how organic everything is. It came from the Lasallian community, showing that we keep things tongue-in-cheek and that we can laugh at ourselves. Even in “Taft times,” we don’t lose our sense of humor. Not only that, we step into action, too.

“Dude, Pantry, Chong” is the work of a real community that knows how to embrace something as trivial as a typical stereotype and transforms that into unconditional kindness.

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