LS Sampran Welcomes The New Candidates

LEAD Story 361

The La Salle Sampran Community in Thailand formally welcomes Peter Niyomtham, Lawrence Paldsri, Peter Keurkul, and Romeo Sanyaluck, the congregation's four new candidates, on Trinity Sunday. The event began with a prayer service that emphasized the importance of healthy relationships in a community. The community director, Br. Joseph Klong FSC, then offered a poignant perspective on the value of companionship during these challenging times. As a De La Salle Brothers’ tradition every Trinity Sunday, Br. Eugene de Luna FSC, Br. Joseph Klong, Br. Stephen Khan, and Br. Stephen Pitchit FSC renewed their vows before the end of the prayer service. In addition, the candidates signed and vowed to contribute to making their Pre-Postulancy journey as fruitful and meaningful as possible as they begin the new academic year in June.

This year, the LaSalle Sampran community has four De La Salle Brothers, four new first-year candidates, and four second-year candidates. (Text & Photos: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC)