Experience, Critical Reflection, And Committed Action

LEAD Story 370

USA - During the Welcome Liturgy for first year SMC students, Br. Iñigo Riola FSC was asked by the Mission and Ministry Office to share about one of the Lasallian Core Principles, Concern for the Poor and Marginalized. Below is an excerpt from his sharing:

What is the Lasallian core principle, ‘Concern for the Poor and Social Justice?’ The definition given by Saint Mary’s College about this core principle is: “We are in solidarity with the poor and advocate for those who are suffering from injustices.” Solidarity. Poor. Advocate. Injustice. These are important but broad constructs. What do mean by being in solidarity with the poor? Who are the poor? How do we advocate for the marginalized? What are the different forms of injustices?

In order for us to answer these important questions, I would like to offer three steps that may guide us in our pursuit to live out this Lasallian core principle. These three steps are based on the ‘Lasallian Reflection Framework’ that is used by the Lasallian Family in the Philippines. These are: conscious experience, critical reflection, and committed action.

Click on the link for the full article: https://cumminsinstitute.com/2021/09/28/experience-reflection-and-action/?fbclid=IwAR3UoIU2-E3IPw510- P2Jdqdbe-p0cjZX1wR-XMPPgTyWs3NmIxzDIHy9kw