A Call For Prayer

LEAD Story 359

St. Mutien Marie-Wiaux FSC (Louis Wiaux) was a De La Salle Brother from Belgium who was canonized as a Saint of the Catholic Church on December 10, 1989. He grew up in a religious family and eventually answered the call to become a Brother of the Christian Schools. St. Mutien encountered many difficulties in his time as a teacher and prefect of discipline, but with much training and formation he eventually became an effective teacher, a vigilant prefect in the school yard, a catechist in the nearby parish, and a tremendous influence on the students by his patience and evident piety. He was known to spend whatever time he could before the tabernacle or at the grotto of Our Lady. Among the Brothers, it was said that he had never been seen violating even the smallest points in their Rule. After his death at Malonne, his fame began to spread through Belgium, where many miracles were attributed to him. His relics may be venerated in Malonne at the shrine built in his honor after his canonization. (https://www.lasalle.org/en/lasallian-holiness/saint-mutien-marie-wiaux/)

Inspired by the life and holiness of St. Mutien-Marie, the De La Salle Brothers of the Philippines seek to build a community of believers who are dedicated to constantly pray for the intentions of people from different walks of life.

You may pray with us by joining our Mutien Marie Faith Community or by sending your prayer requests. You may refer to the photo for the respective methods. Those who registered in the earlier invitation are requested to register again through the methods shown as well, since the Community will only be present in Viber.

May our mission bear fruit in the lives of those we pray for, and may God grant abundant fruit in our own lives now and in His time.

Live Jesus in our hearts, Forever! (Text: Br. Weegee Enriquez FSC)