Godspeed, Br. Mario!

LEAD Story 379

THAILAND - Br. Mario Zammit arrived in Thailand in 2008. He worked with the Brothers in the Sector of Thailand for the past 14 years. He left for Myanmar for one and a half years while working with the Brothers in Thailand in order to help the Brothers in Myanmar and then returned to Thailand again.

Br. Mario Zammit, while working in Thailand, was assigned for mission in Nakhonsawan school, La Salle Sangklaburi school, and La Salle Chanthaburi school. He taught English to Thai students in all these schools. He is also known as a very good cook; once in a while he would cook for the community. Br. Mario was a good community person. He is always present for prayers, daily mass, meal times, and daily classes. He is a Brother who is very obedient to the superior. He has a lot of good ideas for the community whenever there is a meeting. He tried his best to help his students to master the English subject. While working at Sangklaburi school, he conducted English classes for the girls at the Blue - Sky Home. He was also asked to help teach English to three Vietnamese Sisters who lived in Sangklaburi school. Br. Mario planted some coffee trees in Sangklaburi near the Brothers’ House as his hobby. Br. Mario, a simple Brother who is faithful to his vocation as a Brother, continues to be the witness through the good example of his life as a religious Brother. He helps building community by the joyful gift of himself in the service of the Brothers in the community. Br. Mario is friendly to everyone and he has a sense of humor too.

On 16 th January 2022, Br. Mario decided to return to Malta. He informed the Brothers and Sisters in the Thai sector about his return during the gathering of the sector in December 2021. His contribution to the sector was commendable. On behalf of the Thai Brothers and Sisters, I would like to thank Br. Mario for what he has done for the sector during the past 14 years. May God bless Br. Mario with abundant joy and good health. (Text: Br. Joseph Klong Chaiphuak FSC; Photos: La Salle Chanthaburi School Official Facebook Page)