Aerospace Self-Study Journey

LEAD Story 379

Enhancing students’ self-directed learning skills and promoting reading across the curriculum through interesting self-study journey.

HONG KONG - Aerospace is always a hot and fascinating topic for students. Since the students of Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) Primary School love it, we launched a one-month self-study journey for P.1-P.6 students.

There were five stations in the self- study journey. At each of the stations, students were given different types of materials such as videos, websites, fact sheets and storybooks to support their learning. Students learnt according to their learning pace, goals and interests. For students to be successful in self-directed learning, they were encouraged to engage in self-reflection and self-evaluation of their learning goals and progress at the end of each week.

Let’s meet our Student Space Ambassadors. Our Space Ambassadors organized the Space Quiz activity for all their schoolmates. During recess, they asked their schoolmates questions about space and gave unique gifts to students who answered them correctly. The gifts were cards designed by one of the Space Ambassadors, Kan Wing Yu. (Text & Photos: Ms. Samdy Fong - CSKPS Teacher)