Life Education Activity Programme (LEAP)

LEAD Story 375

HONG KONG – In order to help students build a healthy, safe, and positive life, our school, Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) Primary School (CSKPS), joins the LEAP Programme every year. The LEAP Programme offers sequential, health based, age appropriate and interactive drug education programmes to students. Students enjoy learning the programmes with Harold the giraffe very much.

Besides the in-class programmes, our students also join the online learning programmes to further extend their learning. We are happy to see that our students are fully engaged in all the learning activities and get positive learning results. As a result of being one of the schools all over Hong Kong that had the most number of students participating in the program, all CSKPS students received a pedometer as a gift. (Text & Photos: Ms. Samdy Fong - CSKPS Teacher)