HIBC Canonical Visit

LEAD Story 376

PHILIPPINES - December 03, 2021. The members of the Holy Infancy Brothers’ Community (HIBC) had their virtual Canonical Visit and dialogue with LEAD Brother Visitor, Br. Armin Luistro FSC. It was an afternoon of sharing insights of experiences being the smallest Brothers’ community in the Philippines. Though HIBC is the smallest, it is also the youngest community where each member has vital roles to play in each area of the ministry. The Brothers are somehow outside of the norm where the school community is comprised of a great majority of Catholics, since the Iligan community has a great number of our brothers and sisters from the Islam faith. In addition to that, all the Brothers of HIBC did not come from Iligan -- two Filipinos from Luzon and one from Myanmar.

La Salle Academy is the third La Salle school established in the Philippines in a pluralistic faith and diverse culture and tradition. Daily, we are challenged to be more creative, innovative, engaging and most importantly inclusive in the various programs or activities for our students, especially in this extraordinary and trying time.

We are called to enter in a dialogue of openness, understanding, respect, and service in all walks of life by fostering Lasallian vocations, embracing the way of life of a true Lasallian. We do not harp on about religion but rather the mission entrusted to us.

Let us remember that we are in the most holy and loving presence of our faith. (Text: Br. Dan Sanding FSC & Br. Ivan Umali FSC; Photo: Br. Ivan Umali FSC)