Brothers Of Malaysia Sector Assembly And Malaysian Lasallian Education Council 2019

LEAD Story 318

Last 23 November 2019 at La Salle Hall in Petaling Jaya, fourteen Brothers in the Sector of Malaysia gathered for their Assembly. Br. Andrew Loke FSC, the one responsible of Brothers’ Affairs, welcomed the Brothers, invited them to share their ideas, get familiar with all the matters happening, and keep participating actively in the life of the sector. During the Assembly, Mr. Michael Simon, chair of the Project Revitalization of Schools of the Malaysia Sector, share what the committee has done until the present and invited the Brothers to keep supporting this project. The Brothers also reflected on Direct Educational Services for the Poor (DESP) program and how they could keep supporting initiatives for the poor that most of them started by initiatives outside La Salle but came together to embrace the Lasallian charism with support of the Brothers and Lasallian Partners. Towards the last part of the Assembly the Brothers had time to reflect on community restructuring. Not an easy theme for reflection yet, they arrived to a preliminary decision and were open to keep talking about it in the next gathering. 

After a Western Style lovely lunch, six Lasallian Partners joined the Brothers for the Education Council (Mission Council). Our Lasallian Partners responsible for each area of Malaysia shared the achievements and challenges in those groups of schools. The spirit of zeal for the Lasallian Mission was very evident. 

The Lasallians in charge of the alumni federation and other committees joined the Brothers and council members for dinner and celebrated another aspect of our community life as Lasallians committed to the mission. (Text & Photos: Br. Antonio Cubillas FSC)