Lasallian Encounter 2021

LEAD Story 371

MALAYSIA - “Lasallians In Action” is the theme of the 2021 Lasallian Encounter, which was held on 10-12 September.

There were nine Lasallian Schools present: St. Joseph's Sarawak, St. Martin's Sabah, St. Francis' Malacca, St. Paul's Seremban, St. John's Kuala Lumpur, La Salle Petaling Jaya, La Salle Sentul, St. Michael's Ipoh, St. George's Taiping with a total of 39 participants.

B r o t h e r s M a r v i n a n d E d g a r f a c i l i t a t e d t h e L a s a l l i a n E n c o u n t e r together with Brothers Mark, Matthew, Joshua and Myron.

There were 3 main parts of the program - Self Encounter, Encounter with De La Salle and World Encounter. The sessions were all interactive.

Our thanks to the Brothers once again for making the Lasallian Encounter a meaningful one. We thank our tech support team, Justin Royan and Clifford Miranda. (Text: Mr. Isaac Stephen Anthonysamy; Photos: La Salle Centre Facebook Page)

Click on the link to view the sharing of two participants about their Lasallian Encounter experience: