The Legacy Of St. John Baptist De La Salle

LEAD Story 319

St. Joseph’s Institution - International, Singapore - On Tuesday 26 November, our High School community came together to celebrate our shared Lasallian values and to recognise the legacy of St. John Baptist de La Salle, 300 years after his passing. Students and staff wholeheartedly threw themselves into a range of activities designed to mark the occasion. 

The 301 Fun Run took place at the Singapore Polo Club. This was the last event of the year where house points were up for grabs and, in a hard-fought contest, each house smashed through their target of achieving 301 laps of the pitch – the 301 symbolising looking forward, beyond the last 300 years. It was great to see competitive spirits kick in as people sprinted or ambled around the 1km track to rack up as many points as possible for their house! 



In addition to this physical exertion, there was also the opportunity for people to express their artistic side in the production of banners, each reflecting our Lasallian and house values. Everyone contributed a handprint in the creation of the banners to symbolise the legacy we are leaving by putting our hands to good use in service to others. These banners now have pride of place around the school and are looking fabulous, creating an injection of colour and positivity as people go about their daily business. 

All in all, a wonderful afternoon to bring another busy year to a close.