Buddhist Lent: A Way To Pay Respect In A Lasallian Way

LEAD Story 391

THAILAND - The Buddhist teachers, staff, and students of La Salle Sangkhlaburi and Chanthaburi organize a candle offering ceremony as part of the Buddhist Lent this July 14, 2022. Buddhist Lent is one of the important days for Buddhists as it is the day that marks the beginning of the three-month retreat for monks of the Theravada monastic discipline, during which they will stay in a particular place throughout the rainy season.

The Lasallian family brings candles and gifts like saffron robes and dry goods to different Buddhist temples in Sangkhlaburi and Chanthaburi.

The Lasallian Buddhist family in Sangkhlaburi visits Wat Pa Himmapan Temple, where they offer candles and gifts, while the Lasallian Buddhist family from Chanthaburi visits different temples like Wat Don Tan, Khao Mai Kaew Monastery, and Wat Plabchaiyaram.

This tradition originated in the Buddha’s time. In those days, monks traveled to various places to spread the teachings of the Buddha. However, during the rainy season, there were complaints from villagers that by traveling from place to place, monks passed through their fields, thus ruining their crops. Therefore, the Buddha made a rule for monks to stay permanently for three months in one place during the rainy season. It was also the time for monks to study Buddhist teachings and share experiences with others.

In this rich tradition, the De La Salle Brothers encourage the Buddhist teachers and students to visit the temple and pay respect and merit to Buddha and to the monks. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC & Br. Joe Klong FSC; Photos: La Salle Chanthaburi & La Salle Sangkhlaburi Official Facebook Pages)